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Discover all the trends in well-being and mental health at work provided by HR experts from large organizations

kalina plail labster

Interview: Kalina Pleil

 “This year, along with ifeel, we have listened to our employees’ needs” 

swantje Eggers appinio

Interview: Swantje Eggers

 “It’s an exciting time and I believe a chance for many employers to break out of old habits” 

olga guzamn kenjo wellbeing

Interview: Olga Guzmán

“It is essential to create well-being programs to take care of employees”

sesame HR

Interview: Cristina Martín

How relevant is the
workplace well-being in HR?
javier sordo

Interview: Javier Sordo Gómez

Why choose ifeel 
to take care of your team?
beatriz julian almarcegui

Interview: Beatriz Julián Almarcegui

What do you expect to be the main HR trends in 2022?