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As an employee experience leader, my main responsibility is to care for “caring people”

Isabel Arribas Head of Employee Experience / Koolture at Admiral Seguros

Employee Experience Director at Admiral Seguros, part of Admiral Group plc -leading European insurer, FTSE 100 Index London Stock Exchange-. Member of the executive management committee, participating in the company’s launch in the Spanish market in 2006. Degree in Clinical and Industrial Psychology, diploma in labor law, postgraduate in HR.

Ambassador of Great Place to Work in Spain since 2021, where Admiral Seguros is ranked second. Teaching experience in Business Schools (CEA, EOI, ESIC, Loyola University). 

Vital, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Life is always a special occasion. Time will pass, whether we let it or not, so serenity is my goal. The important thing is not so much the destination as it is the journey…

What is Admiral Seguros, and what functions do you carry out as Head of Employee Experience of the company?

Admiral Seguros is an insurance company, part of the Admiral Group Plc, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. 

Headquartered in Seville, since our launch in 2006, around 900 employees and 450,000 customers rely on our commercial brands Qualitas Auto, Balumba, and Qualitas Auto Classic. 

We are a very technological/digital company, analytical and where being experts in risk selection, information, and data analysis becomes a central axis of value.

As an employee experience leader, my main responsibility is to care for “caring people”. In my team, we work to provide a complete, unique, different, and memorable experience to each and every one of our employees during each day we share. To make their lives easy, to take care of them, and to offer them solutions that meet their expectations and fit their needs. To “pump” the energy into them so that this “journey”, not the destination, works in a harmonious way that makes it easy for them to connect with what is essential, to have a positive vision, and to think that the project goes with each one of them. 

The people at Admiral are the impact we want to make. We are mobilizers. Together, we are able, from a vision of the future, to pursue our vision.

This year you won the Better for People award, a highly recognized award co-created by Great Place to Work and ifeel. What made you stand out from the other finalists?

We are a very “vitamin” company, very energizing. We activate through empathic connection. Our work model is based on trust and co-responsibility.

We operate in an environment that encourages human relationships as a source of learning, fun, and happiness.

We are positive people -which gives us a lot of psychological security- optimistic and curious. We help identify and use our strengths, which makes us feel more motivated and successful.

We encourage good habits: exercise/sport, laughter, enjoy/ have fun/ have the best time possible.

We deeply believe in and reinforce team feeling and contribution to the value chain.

Our approach is simple, intuitive, sensitive…

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Admiral Seguros qualified for the Better for People nomination because it was previously certified as a Great Place to Work. What culture and values should an organization have to be a great place to work?

These are multiple factors that, as a whole, conquer, that reinforce people’s firm belief that they are in the right company, that build loyalty, that manage to keep people committed to the company’s project, creating a strong sense of teamwork and belonging.

Sharing values and a similar philosophy in relation to work, to the place it occupies in our lives, along with many other significant ones, with a culture firmly focused on results orientation, teamwork, and personal growth.

Wanting to help in society, projecting through our example and somehow transcend with our purpose.

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Now that you know what we do at ifeel, should companies have a mental well-being solution like ours for their employees?

Of course, we are now more than ever aware of the impact that the last few years have had on people and their priorities, and we are more aware of our vulnerability or fragility. Some things definitely matter more to us: enjoying each moment, our family, our personal life…

While our present is powerful, it is also an inexhaustible source of constant states of alertness, and we are very dependent on emotions. We fear missing out on something and are concerned about not measuring up in the many aspects of our lives.

We are committed to people’s well-being, so we put it at the center of our efforts. Adapting our daily lives to support happiness and emotional health, we believe, is key to business success and hence the need to have a better understanding, not only of the ailments we as an organization experience, but to propose effective solutions to support our people successfully.

Finally, what goals are you setting before the end of 2023 to improve your team’s experience and mental well-being?

Well-being depends significantly on where we place our attention, focusing on what is important to us…

Appreciation: manage each person’s expectations well, making us enjoy the journey.

Be grateful for the good things that happen daily: gratitude changes everything.

Our main goal will continue to be serenity, calmness, and inner peace... balance generates solutions.

With all this, we will continue to achieve the good results and ratings we pursue in the indicators of people who matter.

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