Workplace well-being platform

Improve your employees’ well-being at work with a unique solution that combines the latest technology with the expertise of qualified psychologists. Find out more about our workplace well-being platform 

Workplace Wellbeing Platform
How it works

ifeel helps increase your team's productivity at work

At ifeel, we provide a one-stop solution to cover the full spectrum of emotional well-being needs for your organization’s members, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How it works

Ifeel aumenta la productividad laboral de tu equipo

En ifeel proporcionamos una solución integral para cubrir todo el espectro de las necesidades de bienestar emocional de los miembros de tu organización, 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana.


Anticipate psychological problems

With our unique method, all of your company’s employees can track their mood and daily activity with exercises and self-care tips.


In addition, as part of prevention, employees can receive professional emotional support via chat and regular assessments to manage their symptoms more effectively.

Workplace Wellbeing Platform
Workplace Wellbeing Platform

Individualized plan

Online therapy, an in-depth and ongoing psychological intervention, is carried out through the app on any device. At the beginning of this process, the psychologist assesses the situation to understand and identify the areas of concern of each employee.


Together they establish a set of objectives, which will guide the intervention within the framework they build between the two of them and which will allow them to address the goals set.


Services included on our workplace well-being platform

Workplace Wellbeing Platform
How it works

Peter is going through a very stressful period and would like to have access to free resources to deal with it.

Workplace mental health tool
How it works

Lately, she is lacking motivation. Having small weekly conversations via chat helps her focus on her well-being.

Workplace mental health tool
How it works

She has been suffering from chronic distress for some time. She needs professional help to cut down on unhealthy habits.

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At ifeel we take care of your team’s mental health when they need it most

Would you like to boost your company’s performance and strengthen your internal and external reputation? A favorable work environment is achieved by taking care of employees’ emotional well-being, which leads to an improvement in the company’s labor productivity.


Enhancing employee well-being also reduces absenteeism and sick leave rates. Get in touch with us and request a demo of our platform for companies.

workplace wellbeing
workplace wellbeing platfom

Our clinical team

We have a team of more than a hundred psychologists trained in different theoretical models, offering the necessary support for each patient, whatever the reason for their consultation.

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How it works

Chat de soporte emocional

Marta puede mejorar su bienestar laboral trabajando en ello con un psicólogo clínico, a través de ejercicios individuales y estableciendo objetivos

How it works

Autocuidado emocional

Guías de meditación, diarios emocionales, ejercicios de respiración diseñados por profesionales y personalizados para cada ocasión

online therapy

Terapia psicológica

Marta libera su carga emocional y obtiene nuevas herramientas y técnicas necesarias para encontrar soluciones a sus problemas .

How it works


La empresa recibe resultados medibles para conocer el clima laboral de la compañía


Find out how ifeel could support the mental health of your organisation