How does online therapy work?

Online therapy is a new and efficient way to receive psychological help that adapts perfectly to the current rhythm of our lives.

Work on your well-being from home

With ifeel, all communication between patient and psychologist is carried out online through an asynchronous chat that allows daily and continuous interaction. Each case is unique, so we take care of connecting with the professional that best suits your needs. Discover the different areas in which we can help you.

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During your free information session our psychologists will help you identify your therapeutic goals and explain how ifeel online psychological therapy can help you overcome your difficulties.

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Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Affordable prices for all budgets: from € 24.99 / week

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We find the most appropriate psychologist for your case.

We have a wide network of professional psychologists specialized in different areas, so we will assign you the one with the most experience with cases similar to yours. And you can start your therapy online now!

What services does ifeel online therapy include?

Daily communication

Our therapists will listen to you and read the chat daily, finding the best solution for everyday needs. They will also send you multimedia material that will help you better understand their advice, internalize it and put it into practice.

Personal Psychologist

We have excellent psychologists specialized in different areas. Depending on your case, we'll assign you to the psychologist best suited to help you achieve your goals. You will always work with the same psychologist, ensuring a comfortable match right from the beginning.

Customer service

Our customer service team will answer all your questions regarding the service and how ifeel online therapy works.

Unlimited messages

Talk to your therapist when you need it most. Transmit your feelings in real-time. No need to bootle your emotions, express yourself freely.

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Common questions about online therapy

What is ifeel?

ifeel empowers people to help them cope with the setbacks of everyday life and strengthen their emotional well-being. Our mission is to democratize psychology, and with our excellent network of licensed and specialized psychologists, we make access to mental health is not a luxury within the reach of a few, but a right for all. Our aim is not to replace traditional face-to-face therapy, as a lot of people prefer this method and it is totally valid and legitimate. We created ifeel so that more people can benefit from therapy in a stigma-free context, without any barriers to sharing your personal story. With ifeel you can send unlimited messages to your personal psychologist from any device, in a completely secure and anonymous manner. Comfortable, confidential and affordable therapy.

ifeel is anonymous?

Yes, most people have difficulty going to a psychologist precisely because of the associated social stigma. Although this has changed in recent years, we want to bring psychology closer to people and normalize its presence in society. At ifeel, we want you to feel completely comfortable working with your personal psychologist. Privacy, confidentiality and anonymity are key in this regard. When you sign up you only have to create a username: this is the only information your therapist will see. You don't have to give your real name if you don't want to.

Is there an app?

Yes! The ifeel app is available for Android and iOS.
We designed ifeel so you can always be in touch with your therapist, wherever you are. If you don't have your mobile within reach, remember that you can access the platform through the web browser of any device: computer, tablet or other mobile.

How can we help you?

We work with a network of licensed and specialized psychologists in various fields, each with years of experience. We have a rigorous onboarding process to ensure that you will always be served by the most qualified professionals. The most frequent areas of attention include: anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem, grief, phobias, marital problems, sexuality, gender identity, eating disorders, maternity and paternity.

Is there a free trial?

To keep prices affordable for everyone, we don't offer free trial. Real therapy is a medium to long-term commitment, the benefits of a process are only felt over time.
However, we do offer an on-demand service through a free informational session with one of our guide psychologists. He or she will be in charge of getting to know a little about your personal history in order to be able to recommend the psychologist from our team best suited to meet your needs. Your guide psychologist is there to guide and orient you in case you decide to start a therapeutical process. However, we do not carry out free therapy trials out of respect for the time and dedication of our professionals.

How much does ifeel cost?

With any of our plans you can exchange unlimited messages with your personal psychologist, that way you can maintain daily progress towards your goals. We will advise you on the plan that best fits your situation. We offer two options:
CONFIDENCE - 29,99€ per week. You have one month of unlimited messages with your personal psychologist. It is automatically renewed every month. Each monthly fee is €119.96.
TRANQUILITY - 24,99€ a week. You have three months of unlimited messages with your personal psychologist. It is automatically renewed every quarter. The quarterly payment is €299.88.
As mental health professionals we know that important changes are not made in one day, but are achieved little by little with effort and perseverance.

If you are in danger or in an emergency situation, do not use this web.

Call 112 for immediate help.