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Professional development toolkit: make your team's career shine

Access the most important tools to inspire your team’s growth, unlocking their full potential.


Resources for companies

A guide to implementing a 360° well-being strategy

How can this be achieved? Follow this guide so you can inspire and nurture your team’s quality of life more efficiently.
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2023 Mental Well-being
Trends Unleashed

Unlock this year’s mental well-being trends with ifeel’s latest report.


Resources for companies

A guide to boost your
talent strategy

We can help you learn how to attract, enhance and, most importantly, take care of one of your employees’ most valuable resources: their talent.
burnout guide

How to prevent burnout at work

Boost your team’s mental well-being: use this burnout prevention guide to strengthen your people care strategy.
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Workplace well-being

Discover the key concepts to boost your
team’s mental well-being!
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OKR guide
for HR managers

Would you like to keep track of your 2023 objectives? Do you want to know if your team is achieving its goals this year?
wellness action plan

Wellness Action Plan

Get this essential tool for any company.  An exercise designed to prevent psychosocial risks at work and improve emotional well-being.


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First Aid Kit for HR managers

Do you encounter problematic or challenging situations at work that you don’t know how to deal with? Download this First Aid Kit and find out how to handle them!

wellness recovery action plan

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

When difficulties related to mental well-being at work arise, it is necessary to have a good plan of action. Download this document now and learn the guidelines to deal with these situations.
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Process Guide

Discover the best tips for a successful
onboarding process from day one!
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Strategy Framework for HR Managers

Do you take care of your organisation’s talent? Discover key elements to improve your HR strategy.
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Psychosocial Risk
Factors Template

Do you know how to identify
the negative mental health consequences of work?
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Guide to returning to the office after the vacations

How to get back to work after a holiday period? Find out the best tips to make your return to work easier.

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How to identify work-related stress?

Help your team members enjoy an inspiring and nurturing positive experience from the beginning!

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Corporate mission

A corporate mission is one of the most vital aspects for companies today, and one that greatly influences their performance.

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Work Environment

Improve your company’s work environment. Would you like to know the real work environment in your company?

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Guide on performance

Discover the best way to evaluate your team members’ performance and inspire their potential!
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Employee Experience
Full Guide

Help your team members enjoy an inspiring and nurturing positive experience from the beginning!
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Workplace Well-being

¡Discover the best tips to take care of your team’s emotional well-being! Don’t miss them

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How to drive a strengths-based leadership strategy

Leading teams is not just about giving orders or coordinating employee tasks. On the contrary, it requires knowing your best resources and utilizing them.