We always focus on our employees and their well-being

Carlos Romero-Camacho Silos, Chief People & Corporate Affairs Officer at Insud Pharma

Insud Pharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical groups with more than 45 years of experience and a presence in more than 50 countries.

How have you experienced it internally regarding your staff’s growth?

During these years, the company has undertaken numerous growth projects in terms of industrial portfolio, expansion of territories where we wanted to have a presence, and new businesses. This has led to a growth of more than 100% of the workforce in the last 7 years.

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We are a family of 7,000 multidisciplinary professionals from different nationalities, enthusiastic, flexible, and enterprising. We work in a very dynamic and agile environment; therefore, we always focus on our employees and their well-being.

Your main goal is to improve the health of people around the world. Do you apply this same philosophy toward caring for your employees’ emotional well-being?

Health is essential, and it changes the way we feel and live. At Insud Pharma, we are committed to improving health and well-being and increasing accessibility to treatments for many patients globally.

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Therefore, we launched the WAYL Platform; a new solution focused on people. It allows us to continue investing in the well-being of all those who make up this large family and aims to help us feel better and improve our quality of life with social, physical, and emotional well-being actions, generating changes in healthy habits through solutions adapted to our needs and tastes.

Certain phenomena, such as Quiet Quitting or The Great Resignation, affect large organizations. What measures would you take to address the situation if something similar happened in your company?

Times and society are undoubtedly changing, especially after the pandemic.

“Companies must analyze trends, adapt, and take care of their employees.”

Nowadays, it is essential to listen to them, give them feedback, motivate them, take care of them and acknowledge them.

What 3 characteristics should a leader have to motivate their team and improve their experience as employees?

Leadership is based on attracting and retaining the best professionals by providing professional and personal development opportunities. Setting an example in how you act, leading in an open and honest way the abilities of your teams in growth projects. Finally, and this is something we have had to experience over the last few years, having the ability to provide peace of mind and a vision of the future in times of uncertainty.

We would love to know about your experience with ifeel. What 3 benefits would you highlight from our service? Have you noticed an improvement in your employees’ well-being?

We launched ifeel in Spain, as a pilot program, at the end of July. And although it is too early to see results, the feedback we have had so far is very positive.

“Undoubtedly, we are increasingly aware of the need to take care of our mental health, and employees appreciate and value the fact that their company provides them with this service.”

Ifeel is a technological solution that adapts to each user’s pace without being intrusive.

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