Articles about leadership



A person’s leadership ability is one of the most important aspects when it comes to making a team progress in achieving its objectives and therefore contribute to boosting the company’s productivity in line with the psychological well-being of the members of the workforce. 


Although we often strive to find them, in reality there are no magic recipes to become a leader overnight and there is no single way to lead a team. 


However, although each one exerts leadership according to their individual style and depending on their team’ profile, all leaders have some things in common. 


So, leadership is a quality held by those people who generate trust and transmit credibility, so they do not have to make great efforts for others to follow them. In addition, people who practice good leadership achieve it because they serve as an example and reference point. They have a high level of initiative and creativity, they are inspiring and their instructions are followed more out of respect for authority than out of fear of authoritarianism.