Articles about work-related stress

Work-related stress

Stress is our organism’s natural reaction to excessive demands that exceed our capacity. Although we experience it because we feel overwhelmed, under normal circumstances it is a response that occurs at different levels so we can adapt to the situation, even when we talk about work-related stress. Whether we are aware of it or not, we experience stress in our mind, our emotions, our body and our behavior.

We can’t avoid feeling stressful sometimes but when this reaction is prolonged over time, it ends up creating significant physical and psychological health problems.Work, filled with goals, responsibilities, deadlines and challenges, is a highly demanding environment for most people. Sometimes, due to reasons, life in the office becomes too complicated and becomes one of our main sources of stress.

That is why it is important for HR managers to be aware of the main causes of work-related stress and its effects. It is only by designing effective strategies to prevent and tackle work-related stress that it is possible to boost employee productivity. At ifeel we are here to help you achieve this.