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We would like to answer any questions you may have about the process you are about to begin with us so that you feel confident from the start. You can find our replies to frequently asked questions from our users here. However, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

faqs - Emotional well-being service for companies and employees

faqs - Emotional well-being service for companies and employeesBenefits of ifeel’s mental well-being
solutions for managers

You can tell them it is a comprehensive, reliable, tailored, and cost-free way to take care of their mental well-being, understand themselves better, and work on their personal and professional development goals, either with the help of one of our psychologists or through the rest of the app’s resources. In addition, they will have our support throughout the collaboration. This is completely confidential and will impact their quality of life inside and outside work.

Thanks to ifeel’s mental well-being solutions, you will have access to a more complete vision of your team, both of their strengths and of the psychosocial risk factors to which they are subjected. We will provide you with unconditional personalized support to effectively manage your employees’ mental well-being, unlocking their potential.

A monthly report will be sent with aggregated data on the mood and concerns of the employees, from which we will create an action plan. Information about the specific content of your online therapy or emotional support service will never be included, as these are completely confidential.

Yes, we offer specific training for both managers and employees. Our team of qualified psychologists provide comprehensive and confidential support and accompany you in key moments throughout your life.

It’s simple. We have prepared a demo to give you an idea of how you could start strengthening the mental well-being of your employees with our solutions and unlock the human potential within your organisation. Click here, and we’ll explain it to you.

faqs - Emotional well-being service for companies and employees

Benefits of ifeel’s mental well-being solutions for employees

We have more than 600 licensed psychologists and more than 30 areas of specialisation to offer a complete and exclusive solution where people are always at the core. A psychologist from our team will assign you to the most suitable therapist for you after listening to your initial goals and needs.
That’s fine. Online therapy with one of our psychologists is just one of the resources you can benefit from, but not the only one. You have all the tools the app provides and the mental well-being solution at your disposal.
For your therapy process to be successful, it is essential for your relationship with your psychologist to work. However, relationships are not perfect, even in a professional environment. Therefore, if difficulties arise with your therapist that cannot be resolved, we will assign you to another professional on the team so that you can continue to work towards your personal goals. We won’t ask for further explanations. If you want to change to another therapist, we will assign you another one.
No. 24/7 chat means that users can chat with their therapist at any time, regardless of the time or day of the week, and will receive a response from their therapist two to three times a week.
It is very unlikely that this will happen. We have professional psychologists in 25 languages to assist users of our mental well-being solutions from anywhere in the world and through any device.
Never. All therapy takes place in a completely confidential context. Only you and your therapist will have access to your conversations.
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  • faqs - Emotional well-being service for companies and employees

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    At ifeel, we provide a comprehensive solution to take care of what matters most: the mental well-being of the people who trust us, inspiring and nurturing a better future every day. Get in touch with one of our online psychologists now. Trust us to help you reach your best version.