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Articles from our team of psychologists about the latest trends in the psychology sector, the different treatments used for the various psychological disorders (depression, anxiety, stress, grief, ...), as well as several tips to improve your emotional well-being.

5 Key Ways to Improve Mental Health in the Office

While companies’ don’t owe us our happiness, they should ensure they do not seriously damage our health. This includ [...]

Caring for Mental Health in the Workplace: 4 Basic Elements

We all spend a lot of time in our place of work. This could either be good for our mental health or perhaps a serious is [...]

4 Tips on How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Team

As we have already analysed in other articles, there are lots of factors which boost the psychological well-being of tea [...]

4 Ways anxiety finds to come visit you

"I am afraid that my partner will leave me. When that fear comes to me I can' t think clearly, I talk nonsense, I do wha [...]

Going back home: an inverse culture shock

You decided to live abroad whether for study, work, or another reason. Now that you are back home, everything is not as [...]

A new language for a new time

The imaginative effort involved in thinking about the world of tomorrow is a strange mixture of excitement, concern, wis [...]

5 qualities associated with drive

Many qualities are associated with drive: courage, networking, tolerance to uncertainty, empowerment, good self-esteem, [...]

5 traits of a toxic person

There are people that just don't jive with us, as if they worked against us. Sometimes it is hard to realize that some [...]

Finding a balance between work and life

We often find ourselves clinging to expectations in this busy world, without the ability to find balance. Whether create [...]

Stress: a natural response

Stress can be defined as a natural response caused by an external or internal stimulus. Stress is simply the body's natu [...]

5 mistakes often committed by leaders

There are thousands of articles on leadership online. Most of them analyze the virtues of a leader and the characteristi [...]

Have you heard about the advantages of online therapy?

Starting a therapeutic process - what we commonly know as "going to see a psychologist" - is a very important decision. [...]

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