4 essential organizational leadership skills

organizational leadership

Organizational leadership combines specific skills and qualities applied to the work environment and work teams. As you may already know, it is a managerial approach that positively influences a team’s performance in an organization with a specific strategy and objectives.  When establishing a strategy, it is vital to consider both the company and the individual’s mission and vision […]

Discover job hopping: the latest trend

job hopping

Job hopping describes the current trend of job mobility that some people in some sectors, especially millennials, from technology and digital-focused sectors, strive for better opportunities for their professional development. In this post, we analyze this trend and how it affects employees and their well-being. What is job hopping? In short, job hopping is understood […]

What are your main professional skills?

professional skills

Having specific professional skills is essential to perform our job functions and responsibilities. There are not many other ways to achieve the objectives set by our company.  Every job, therefore, requires the person who performs it to have sufficient talent to carry it out. However, it is essential to emphasize that this talent is not […]

How to fit in at work: 4 tips

how to fit in at work

There is no simple answer to how to fit in at work when you are new, even when you arrive with a high level of motivation and enthusiasm. When looking for a job, we don’t worry too much. Still, we all know that becoming part of a team after passing a selection process and adapting […]

Time management at work: 5 tips

time management at work

Time management at work is one of the main concerns employees have. It often happens to people who have little time to perform their professional tasks or cannot distribute the time they have available for the tasks they have to perform. Or both.  If you find yourself in this situation right now, we have outlined […]

What is the employee life cycle?

employee life cycle

When we refer to the employee life cycle, we are trying to delimit, from a temporal but also qualitative point of view, what happens from the moment an employee joins the company until, for different reasons, they leave. This is a complex and quite personal issue whose relevance must be taken into account by HR […]

Digital skills to help your career

digital skills to help your career

The topic of digital skills to help your career is somewhat ambiguous as a starting point. Firstly, we can interpret it from the point of view of the digital skills that a person needs to apply during the job search process, whether or not the job requires a high level of digital skills.  Secondly, we […]

Employee empowerment: 4 ways to do it right

employee empowerment

Do you encourage employee empowerment in your organization? This concept has become more prominent over time as the workplace well-being landscape keeps evolving. Employee empowerment can be defined as giving employees the responsibility and independence to manage tasks in the workplace. In this article, we are going to discuss what steps organizations need to take […]

What is emotional intelligence in the workplace?

emotional intelligence in the workplace

Emotional intelligence in the workplace encompasses a set of skills and abilities related to the general spectrum of intelligence that we can apply in our work environment or, in general, in our professional life. This refers to aspects that go beyond our current tasks and the company in which we currently develop them, including more […]

What are employee wellness programs?

employee wellness programs

Employee wellness programs are the result of a decision-making process by corporate managers aimed at protecting and supporting their employees’ psychological health. Read more about it in this post.  Why have employee wellness programs in companies? For two main reasons. The first is that employee wellness programs are very useful tools that are in line […]