Guide to returning to the office after the vacations

Ifeel’s team of psychologists, experts in well-being at work, has developed these suggestions to help HR managers and their teams to get back to work and put their energy back where it belongs.

Ebook Post Holiday Blues

Why should you download this guide now that the holidays are over?

Vacations are beneficial and essential for employees’ mental well-being. However, returning to the usual tasks or those left pending can significantly challenge that mental well-being when the vacation is over, and it’s time to start again.


In this document, we explain some of the reactions that are involved in this post-holiday slump.


We also give you some suggestions that can help you and your team to leave behind what is already in the past and get back to work progressively and pleasantly.


Download this document today and learn how to face the vacation blues and the lack of energy when returning from vacation.