Assess your company’s mission statement

Corporate mission is one of the most vital aspects for companies today and one that greatly influences their performance.


Our team of psychologists specialised in mental health at work has created this template to assess your company’s mission statement, which you can download for free.

Assess your company’s mission statement

Why is it important to assess your company's mission statement?

Assessing your company’s mission statement is essential to generate an inspiring work environment that favors talent retention and long-term productivity through a human-centric approach. In addition, when properly monitored, a good mission statement brings relevance to the organisation, since it nurtures the company’s good internal and external reputation, making it more attractive and standing out from its competitors, cultivating a positive culture of mental well-being.


Moreover, companies that are truly responsible towards their environment strive to build a corporate mission, making economic performance also beneficial for society and the environment.