How to get organized at work before going on vacation

These days, you’re probably thinking about how to get organized at work before going on vacation. At least, the topic of the vacations and everything that surrounds it (good and bad) will be on your mind, your conversations, your work rhythm, and, of course, the content you see on social media

Take a look at these phrases: 

-Today is my last day if you need anything from me for next week let me know now. 

-Counting down the days. 

-Activating automated replies in 3,2,1…

-Two days from now I’ll be at the beach.

-Is it me or is the last day before going on vacation endless? 

-We are leaving and will be available again in X weeks.

Your social media, your internal chats at work, your daily conversations are full of these phrases. It’s also likely that they are full of photos of those who are already on their well-deserved -or at least that’s what they think- vacations

How to get organized at work before going on vacation

It’s not just about organizing your work before going on holiday so you can go in peace, as it used to be. This sort of proliferation of holiday statements goes beyond the usual summer commentary and is fueled by the exhibitionism that characterizes social media, which seems to indicate several things

Once again, nowadays it’s not just important to go on vacation it’s also about letting others know how much you want to go on vacation, how much you deserve it, how it makes you feel, how much you need it, and the very little time you have left go away -physically and emotionally- from your usual work responsibilities.

There is, in many people, an enormous eagerness for the vacations to arrive, combined with an eagerness to share it with anyone willing to listen or contemplate it. It seems that, as we click, we think: “If I involve my audience in the countdown, it seems that the countdown becomes more enjoyable”. There is also a certain eagerness to remind others how tired we are, how much we deserve our vacation, and how excited we are about its upcoming arrival. Some have a kind of pre-holiday syndrome as if the fact of going on vacation fills them with anxiety. There are also those whose anxiety resides, simply, in not being able to see the moment to say: See you when we get back. It’s a matter of warming up. 

These days when you are trying to organize your work before the vacations and the conversation on social media is full of summer-related topics, official announcements are also frequent (attention, we’re live!) that have to do with professional changes. It is the “little things are coming” that we use throughout the year but now in a more rounded and solemn way, although very often with the format “I tell you that something is going to happen but not just yet, just stay tuned”:

-A professional period full of satisfaction comes to an end and a new one begins.

-I am leaving to undertake new projects in which I hope you will accompany me as you have done so far. 

-It has been a few years of learning, enjoyment, and hard work. Now it’s time to stop, take a break, and put your energy into something new. 

It is not strange for this to occur, since we are at the end of the academic year and it is the right time to “close a chapter” and announce that soon, or when we return from vacations, we will start another one: a new exciting project about which we will give more information but to which we will commit to with renewed energy. Yes, the festival of labels, catchphrases, headlines that we are dying to say to feed our private marketing or, at least, to give the impression that we do it. As you may have already noticed, your social networks are also littered with official announcements of this kind

How to get organized at work before going on vacation

How to get organized at work before going on vacation 

Well, whether you say it or not, whether you’ve had enough or you can still hold out until it’s your turn to go on vacation, there are two important points on this topic that you should not overlook. 

The first one is what popular wisdom knows as “Business before pleasure”, but strictly applied to the world of work. It is about closing off what you have on your desk, that is, organize your work before your vacations in the most appropriate way. It is the best way for you to leave with peace of mind, with nothing to attend to or worry about, without leaving anything half-done and, why not, without leaving your colleagues any problems that you should have solved before leaving

The other point on how to get organized at work before you go on vacation refers to your particular way, not only of planning but also of experiencing what you call “your vacations” and involving yourself in it healthily and realistically. Remember that your plans might not be the most ideal in the world or the ones you would have wished for (or yes) but in any case, they are your days off and you need them to be able to take care of your mental health and improve your productivity when you return to your job. They are not to walk with one foot in and one foot out of the office as if someone with very bad intentions was trying to convince you of the alleged benefits of these so-called “working days”.

Ifeel has created an emotional wellbeing program for companies, designed by its team of expert psychologists to help organizations improve their employees’ mental health at any point in the year, including how to get organized at work before going on vacation.

Thanks to this partnership, HR managers are provided with personalized, data-driven advice on how to make the most of their teams’ time off and sustainably boost their productivity. 

In addition, ifeel‘s emotional well-being program for companies provides employees with a mental health care service structured at different levels according to their needs at any given time through ifeel‘s app. They can also receive emotional support through a chat with one of our platform’s licensed psychologists. If additional help is required, they can access the third level of the program: online psychological therapy with a psychologist specializing in the issue the employee is going through.

Get in touch today and request more information about our emotional well-being program for companies. Wherever you go, happy holidays! 

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