How to switch off from work when you’re on holiday

How to switch off from work when you’re on holiday? When we are about to take off for a much-awaited holiday, this common question comes to mind. It doesn’t matter if your holidays have already started, if you’re at the planning stage or if you’re counting down the days. Whatever it is, it won’t follow through if you carry the stress in your suitcase


Holidays, a break in your activity

Rest? Switch off? Yes, and it’s time we take it seriously. Remember, your holidays are not a time to work less or work at the same pace but under a palm tree. Holidays pause your daily routine and have a specific aim: create a change and break a routine that overloads us.

Sometimes, by nature, it is hard to switch off. Other times, it is us who don’t set our limits, our colleagues’ or our bosses’. When this occurs, we don’t take time off. This is due to the constant habit of working or even a sense of guilt: we have convinced ourselves we owe all our time to our jobs. Sometimes, the responsibility lies in our ego, as we believe we are essential and no one else can take on our work. 

Learn how to switch off from work during your holidays

Whatever the reason, we are not able to separate work and leisure or find a balance between life and work. If this is the case, pay attention, because you are going to wear yourself out

Each job is different and we all know our limits when it comes to taking some time off. Whatever the case, we recommend you follow our advice so you can make the most out of the holidays you are about to start or have already started. 

How can we switch off from work during our holidays?

Delegate, remember it is your right to take a break from work and take turns with others to take on the responsibilities from your work. When they go on holiday, you’ll be on the frontline, but for now, it is your time to rest. If you don’t, stress mode awaits. 

Restructure your responsibilities: if you think you play a vital role in too many things, your self-esteem is too high, or (most likely) your team is not functioning well. It seems a chat is due in September once you’re all back. It will be the right time to talk about the distribution of workload and your performance. 

how to switch off from work when you go on holiday

Finish pending work before you leave. Make sure there aren’t any loose ends that can become a burden during your time off or when you return. This way, it won’t be on your mind whilst you take your holiday selfies or sip your mojito by the pool. If you leave an unresolved issue at work, try to get a colleague to cover for you, or make it clear when you will be available to solve it. Otherwise, how to switch off from work when you go on holiday becomes an unsolvable issue.

Remember: your resistance is not eternal. Although you seem to be pulling it together, it is necessary to take a break in your daily activities to take care of yourself and rest. If you don’t do it, your system will crash in one way or the other, when you least expect it. A responsible employee does not work endlessly but takes action to lead a balanced life and improve productivity at work

Notify and clarify. Automated emails aren’t always the best way to let people know you won’t be receiving their emails until you go back to the office. Don’t wait until they suddenly receive your automated emails. Make sure you know any potential issues that can come up whilst you’re away. There might also be a possibility of having certain people contact you with urgent issues but also make sure you let people know you will be away. This will create a sense of security within your team and won’t cut off contact with people out of the blue. 

Speak to your colleagues. Make it clear to them that they should not contact you unless it is an extremely urgent matter. Promise them you will do the same for them when they have their time off. Turn off your notifications. Take this time to focus on what triggers your stress levels and put them to one side for a couple of days. Don’t check your work emails: it is time to switch off. 

how to switch off from work when you go on holiday

Plan a good holiday. When we think of how we can take a break from work it is important to be both realistic and optimistic. It doesn’t have to be the ideal holiday (sometimes it isn’t possible), but make a list of things you want to do, change your mindset for the next couple of days: these days are meant for self-care and fun. Enjoy doing nothing, cooking, and eating slower. Do the things you feel like doing and wouldn’t normally have time to do. Take the time to see people who you don’t have time for. 

Being on holiday doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in a resort in the Caribbean. A holiday also implies spending quality time with yourself doing the things you truly enjoy. If you don’t know how to do this or you come back the same way you left (or worse), it is probably time to take a look at what is happening internally and the way you lead your life. Seeking therapy can be the way forward.  

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