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Fertility problems create difficulties for many women and couples on their way to start a family. Our team of psychologists has created for you a series of articles related to fertility problems that will help you clear all the doubts you have about these difficulties, their causes, their treatments and advice to deal with them

Stress and fertility: How do they affect each other?

The diagnosis of infertility and its treatment seem to go hand in hand with stress.  That is what the majority of par [...]

Single mother … by choice!

Our society and science advance in large steps.  As a result of this evolution, different family models arise, like fam [...]

Gamete donation: How does it affect my emotions?

When is a donation of gametes necessary to become parents?  Whether you haven't asked this question or you're currently [...]

Fear of needles and assisted reproduction

According to the DSM-V, which is the diagnostic manual that we psychologists use, a phobia is a persistent and irrationa [...]

How do I cope with my infertility?

After months of waiting, you finally find out why you can't get pregnant.  It isn't an easy moment.  Below, we [...]

Why can’t I get pregnant?

You may be asking yourself that question if you are attempting to get pregnant or if you know someone else who is in the [...]

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