Many qualities are associated with drive: courage, networking, tolerance to uncertainty, empowerment, good self-esteem, patience, creativity, inspiration, perseverance and sacrifice. People with drive are not the only ones who can start a personal business, allowing them to earn a good living.

In a world where labor and economic productivity are important, people often have the impression that only those who launch their own careers are driven. While those who do not, tend to be oriented towards relaxing rather than being creative or having courage. People with drive are labeled as people who attain success, and those who are not driven, are considered to live passively and spontaneously.

Whether voluntarily or randomly, everyone spends a lot of time taking on small and large projects that allowing opportunities for growth, facing fears, learning, and sometimes even gaining a deep sense of realization and personal growth.

Think of the things you have done in your life or that you are about to do.  These things make you driven. If you set high standards requiring effort and all your energy, you are undertaking the steps to be successful. While many people might not consider themselves driven, we all have had drive at some point in our lives.

5 qualities associated with drive

Here are 5 qualities associated with people who are driven. Can you identify yourself with one?

1. Going to college

Today, it is easy to get admitted into a university, so we assume that everyone does.  This is an inaccurate viewpoint. Even if you are unsure of what major to study, attending a university is a decision you make after determining your interests, skills, and the professional career you desire.  College did not end the day you took your final exams. It took many hours of class, lectures, and a lot of effort. Studying for a career requires taking the first steps to attain a satisfactory professional career.

2. Learning a new language

It takes a lot of work to learn a new language: months or years of filling out workbooks, watching subtitled movies, taking tests, having conversations, traveling, etc. Learning another language is a quality associated with having drive.

3. Taking a long trip or living abroad

We are not referring to one of those long weekend getaways, rather those who travel for a month, two, or more to a somewhat more complex destination. They go to a distant country, do outdoor activities, experience cultural differences and use many types of transportation and accommodation. We agree that going to Nepal for a few weeks is not the same thing as starting a cafe, but don’t you think that they are both associated with drive?

5 qualities associated with drive

4. Having children

If you want to undertake a complex long-term project, full of uncertainties, surprises and good times, you may consider having a child. There are probably few things in life that are going to test your character as much as having children. Sometimes you can become a father or mother unexpectedly. Either way, having a child becomes a long-cherished project way before it occurs. Especially in these cases, there is no doubt: creating a family is undertaking a huge life commitment.

5. Having a partner

Something unique happens when we add another individual to our personal life. Relationships are defined by respect, love, commitment, intimacy, affection, and sex. There is an intimate mutual feeling of sharing important facets of life, a sensation that causes the relationship not to stagnate, empty or break, but to be projected into the future.

Not all relationships are successful, and each one of them is like a business in itself, with a hint of adventure, risk, disappointments and in many cases great successes. Maybe you are in the middle of one of those adventures, looking for your own way of happiness inside and outside the workplace. If that creates difficulties, remember that psychologists are here to help you with your concerns, motivations, frustrations or decision making. You can count on us!

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