psychoeducation at work

Uncover 4 benefits of psychoeducation at work

The implementation of psychoeducation at work is becoming more and more relevant. An example of this situation is demonstrated in a recent communication published by the European Commission, which reveals that it is still common today to find discrimination towards people with mental health problems in the workplace. In this report, it is highlighted that 50% of workers consider that disclosing a mental health problem would have a negative impact on their career, due to the stigma that still prevails regarding this issue. 

Consequently, lack of knowledge and fear of being discriminated against prevents people from approaching health services, causing treatment delays. In turn, this hinders the ability of organisations to effectively detect and address mental health problems within the company through the implementation of prevention and early intervention measures.

This is why it is so important to increase information and knowledge to improve mental health in companies. Misinformation is, in most cases, the cause of prejudice or stigma that can lead to negative consequences at both individual and company levels.

psychoeducation at work

What do we mean by psychoeducation at work?

One of the most useful and effective tools used by psychologists to increase knowledge in some areas is called “psychoeducation”, and this refers to a form of therapeutic intervention, in which specific information is provided about mental illnesses, their treatment, and prognosis, based on scientific evidence and relevant to facilitate its approach. 

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Therefore, when we refer to psychoeducation at work, the aim is to provide employees and leaders of organisations with all the necessary tools and knowledge to promote their well-being and prevent problems, so that they can perform their functions in an optimal way.

That is, it refers to the teaching of information and skills related to mental well-being, to provide people with the knowledge they need to understand and manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours in a healthier way. This includes providing them with the ability to identify risks that may affect their work performance and how to prevent them, answering questions about what actions to take, why, using what resources, etc. 

There are multiple strategies for implementing psychoeducation at work. These include the development of dynamics such as workshops, lectures, seminars; or through written resources and/or individual or group sessions with psychologists who are experts in mental health issues.

Benefits of psychoeducation at work

Psychoeducation at work is one of the most effective strategies to improve the work environment in companies, as it provides multiple benefits and helps to foster an environment free of prejudice or discrimination. Among the benefits of the use of psychoeducation at work, we can mention:

1. Less stress at work

One of the greatest benefits of psychoeducation in the work environment is stress reduction. Employees who understand the causes and effects of stress are better equipped to handle stressful situations effectively. This benefits their mental health and can increase their productivity and job satisfaction, helping to prevent absenteeism.

2. Improves interpersonal relations

Psychoeducation at work also focuses on improving communication skills and interpersonal relationships. Employees who know how to communicate effectively with their colleagues and superiors tend to have healthier working relationships, as they improve work conflict resolution strategies. This, in turn, can improve the work environment.

psychoeducation at work

3. Builds resilience

Resilience is the ability to adapt and recover from adversity. Psychoeducation can help employees develop resilience, enabling them to face work challenges with a more positive and constructive mindset.

4. Fosters overall mental well-being

The overall well-being of employees is essential for their job satisfaction and commitment to the organisation. Psychoeducation provides tools and strategies to improve emotional and psychological well-being, increase self-care and have a better work-life balance, which can result in happier and healthier employees.

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The role of the psychologist at work

Although employee mental health is one of the most popular topics in human resources departments today, it should be noted that it is still of utmost importance due to its implications on an individual and collective level. For this reason, it is essential to always be careful about the source of the information passed on. Otherwise, it can lead to risks and negative consequences for the employees’ mental health.

In this sense, having the expertise of professionals such as psychologists or therapists when implementing psychoeducation at work is key to avoiding making mistakes or spreading misinformation. As such, psychologists play a key role in the implementation of psychoeducation programmes, as their expertise in the field of mental health allows them to design and facilitate educational sessions that address the specific needs of employees.

While it is important to broaden the conversation on these issues, how it is done also directly impacts the quality of people’s lives and the dynamics of groups and organisations. Psychologists are trained to assess, diagnose, and treat mental health problems ethically and evidence-based and are the best-qualified professionals to address these issues. This ensures that interventions are effective and safe, avoiding the risk of aggravating conditions or applying inappropriate treatments. Regarding mental health, relying on experts who can offer professional guidance backed by sound research and reliable data is essential.

psychoeducation at work

For this reason, at ifeel, we work to help companies implement psychoeducation programmes that are aligned with employee well-being. To achieve this, our team of psychologists who are experts in well-being at work have created an employee well-being platform for companies that brings relevant benefits to the entire team, including those responsible for Human Resources.

We know that leaders do a job that greatly influences the company’s final results. That’s why, through our solution, they can receive personalised, data-driven advice on improving the psychological well-being of the teams in their charge. Are you part of your organisation’s Human Resources department? Try our solution now to see how it could help you.

In addition, this solution offers all employees a complete mental health care service that they can access in different ways depending on their needs: those who wish to have access to an online therapy service with one of our psychologists, specialised in cases like theirs, or interact with one of our professionals to receive emotional support in a more specific circumstance that worries them.

We hope you found this post about psychoeducation at work interesting. If you would like more information about our mental well-being solution for companies, all you have to do is request it and we will contact your team as soon as possible.

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