health and well-being in companies

What is the best way to promote health and well-being in companies? 

Health and well-being in companies remain central to the concerns of many HR departments today. Beyond the absence of problems, it must be understood as a complete (not partial) state and achieved by addressing issues but also their prevention.

Should companies have to worry about health and well-being? 

Of course, they should. In addition to it being a legal obligation, promoting employee health is the best way to boost sustainable productivity. 

How does health promotion benefit companies? 

It depends on the measures they put in place, but the most important benefit is the increase in performance derived from improving employees’ quality of life. 

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What is the best way to promote health and well-being in companies? 

Do it strategically by integrating a global emotional well-being service such as ifeel’s into the corporate culture. 

health and well-being in companies

What role should employees have in this process? 

Employees must be the central piece of any well-being strategy as it directly affects them. That is why it is so important to know the employee’s needs and characteristics before making decisions that affect their well-being. 

This article explains why investing resources in an orderly and professionalized way is good for companies and organizations. We will also tell you how to carry out that investment. 

health and well-being in companies

How to enhance employees’ well-being

At ifeel, we always remember that one way to promote health and well-being in companies is simply improvisation. This method, traditionally widespread in the business world, consists of eradicating isolated and poorly evaluated actions to care for the welfare of employees. Above all, improvisation in this area consists of trusting that wellness can regulate itself without the need to intervene in it. 

However, as experts in well-being at work, we recommend being concerned about health and well-being in companies. This is possible by using a strategic plan capable of detecting the baseline (what is currently being done to enhance employees’ well-being and improve their experience within the company) and what should be done from now on. 

Why is good communication important?

To successfully carry out this strategy, it is essential to have effective internal communication tools within the company that allows Human Resource managers to determine what type of people make up the workforce and what they need to feel better both in the workplace and their personal life.

These HR managers are finding this increasingly more accessible thanks to global emotional well-being services for companies such as the one that ifeel makes available to its employees.

Why invest in health and well-being in companies? 

Enhancing employee well-being by preventing and addressing the main psychosocial risk factors is crucial to a company’s success. Properly implemented, a global emotional well-being service for companies has short, medium, and long-term benefits for the people involved and the organization in which they work.

  1. Benefits for employees

Investing in health and well-being in companies has a positive impact on the different personal aspects of employees. The most common outcome to this point is the increase in employees’ work motivation, the strengthening of their commitment to the company, the improvement of the work environment and team cohesion, and lastly, problems related to burnout or excessive stress and anxiety.

2. Benefits for the company

The company puts itself in a risky position when they do nothing to enhance the employee’s psychological well-being. However, when there is an efficient strategy to promote health and well-being in companies, productivity improves without harming people and the company’s internal and external reputation.

health and well-being in companies

Helping companies take care of their employees

At ifeel, we aim to increase people’s ability to take care of their mental health by implementing key strategies in health and well-being in companies. We offer organizations our global emotional well-being service for companies, designed by our team of expert psychologists in well-being at work. This collaboration allows managers in the area of People, Talent, and Human Resources to receive personalized and data-based advice on how to take care of the psychological well-being of the teams they oversee.  

Do you belong to your organization’s Human Resources department? Try our program now to see how it could help you. 

In addition, our program offers all employees a complete mental health care service that includes emotional support and online therapy with one of our professionals.  

Don’t forget that in our Resources section, you can find different materials, such as podcasts and HR Guides on various topics (for example, a workplace well-being glossarya guide to preventing burnout, or how to properly approach OKRs from an HR manager’s point of view). You also have interviews with top HR managers. In addition, we have a Psychosocial Risk Factors Template, which you can use to comply with the requirements of the Labor Inspection. 

We hope you found this post about health and well-being in companies interesting. If you would like more information about our emotional well-being program for companies, simply request it, and we will contact your team as soon as possible.

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