The workplace well-being platform that your company needs.

A global service that accompanies HR to improve the emotional well-being of employees.

How it works
workplace wellbeing platform

At ifeel, we provide 360º global coverage

At ifeel, we cover the entire spectrum of the emotional well-being needs of the members of your organization 24/7, accompanying HR departments at all times.

PROFESSIONALISM: + 600 psychologists (more than 30 specialties and 10 orientations to always find the most suitable professional).

TRUST: + 800,000 patients treated. We have the highest utilization rates in the market

SCALABILITY: + 21 languages and international presence. Launch of the service in less than 1 week.

How will you work on emotional well-being in your company with ifeel?

workplace wellbeing platform

For the employee

A personal, safe, and confidential space that includes everything from self-care tools and emotional support chat to online therapy, all backed by a team of professional psychologists.

An exclusive strategic resource designed to improve and develop the skills and competencies of each employee. 


They will have the support of a specialized psychologist who will provide emotional support with evaluations and content, as well as a personalized follow-up of their emotional state.


Ifeel also includes individual therapy sessions through a safe, comfortable, and confidential space, where users can speak directly with their psychologist and find the support needed to maintain a healthy state of emotional well-being.

With ifeel’s workplace well-being platform, employees will have access to tools to foster their career development and improve their technical, communication and leadership skills. This will help them build a healthier relationship with work and generate long-term productivity.

workplace wellbeing platform

For the company and HR

Our clinical and post-sales team will analyze your company's situation and ensure the correct implementation and success of the project.

We prepare reports with aggregated and anonymous data that allow the organization to understand the emotional pulse of the company, always respecting the confidentiality of the employee and personalized information about their emotional state.

Personalized workshops led by specialized psychologists based on corporate needs to address global or team issues.

We will implement a long-term strategy to help foster emotional well-being among your employees so that it becomes part of your company’s corporate culture.

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Why invest in employee well-being?

Work motivation and productivity

A worker who is motivated about their tasks will perform them more efficiently. Our workplace well-being platform allows us to develop strategies to achieve this and improve the work environment.


of workers have admitted to feeling unmotivated at work. Source:
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Attracting and
retaining talent

Attracting the best candidates, nurturing human capital, and preventing talent leakage is a core objective for HR and begins during the recruitment process.


of large companies have experienced a higher voluntary turnover than expected in 2022. Source:
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Prevention of burnout

Is produced by neglecting the employee's well-being, causing psychological burnout to become chronic. Preventing it is fundamental for their health and the company's success.


of employees believe that stress at work has directly affected their mental health. Source:
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Mental health at work

At work, there are risk factors for our psychological well-being. Considering mental health as the backbone of productivity is fundamental to any corporate strategy.


employees in Spain claim to have suffered from anxiety or depression. Source:
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workplace wellbeing platform

Our clinical team

We have a team of more than 600 psychologists trained in more than 30 different specialties with more than 10 practical orientations. Our team and technology allow a fast and scalable service implementation, always meeting quality standards.

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