mental health in companies

Why should we take care of mental health in companies?

Mental health in companies, i.e., at the individual but also at the corporate level, is partly a matter of choices. Of course, we are not claiming that a person decides completely autonomously and deliberately to have good or bad health (this is unfair and untrue). However, we mean that people can make confident decisions about their lifestyle habits or use health care resources available to them. 

Likewise, a company cannot take responsibility for the lives of every single person in its workforce. Still, it can decide whether or not to implement actions that are in its power to prevent possible mental health problems in its employees. For example, according to different criteria, it can choose whether to provide its employees with a complete emotional well-being care service such as the one designed by ifeel’s team of psychologists

What is a workplace well-being program?

It is a service that companies offer to their employees as part of their social benefits. It is aimed at strengthening their physical and psychological health strategically. 

Does every company have an employee well-being program?

All companies must implement preventive measures regarding psychosocial risk factors affecting their workforce. The best way to do this is through a well-being program that focuses on mental health in companies.

Is there a concrete way to implement well-being programs in companies?

These programs are part of a strategy. They are not isolated or punctual actions but organized processes in their application, scheduling, and evaluation. 

What are the benefits of implementing a workplace well-being program for employees?

By preventing and addressing problems, it is possible to increase employees’ quality of life, as well as their motivation, commitment to the company, and performance in their tasks. Improving mental health in companies is key to the company’s results.

Therefore, employees and organizations must answer two questions that can clearly define their short-, medium- and long-term trajectory in different directions. 

The first of these questions is the following: do we want to opt for an innovative, sustainable and efficient work methodology also on a human scale? The second, of course, is complementary: do we want to continue to use workers’ health as a bargaining chip to achieve the company’s objectives without worrying about anything else?

mental health in companies

Mental health in companies

Fortunately for many companies, that is, for all the human beings who form them and make their mission possible, the option answered in the affirmative is the first one: they decide to work differently because they want and need to live differently. Also, they understand that, in the end, there is no other feasible option for individuals or corporations.  

At ifeel, we are more about long-lasting relationships than short adventures, so we desire to establish a long-term collaboration with the companies that trust us and accompany them in their growth. We are mental health professionals and believe in what we do because we see its daily impact on the thousands of users who trust us through the companies they work for. 

For this reason, we want psychological well-being care to be part of the corporate culture of these companies, at the same level of importance as any of the values that best define them as an organization. It is not a matter of following a fad or signing up for a nice speech but of taking into account every corporate decision’s impact on people’s well-being, with a preventive approach and genuine care for employees. 

Work is personal

There is no real separation between life outside work and life inside work. It is true that to lead an orderly life, we can reasonably separate aspects and so avoid interference. It would be unprofessional to let aspects outside the office contaminate the daily agenda of tasks, but neither would it be professional to allow professional matters to detract energy from one’s other responsibilities

However, it is clear that if we are well “as people”, i.e., when we are not working, this must impact our professional performance

In the same way, if we work in a company that is concerned about making our lives easier and generating a good work environment, motivating professional development, and, in short, a pleasant, professional daily life, we will transfer those good vibes to our free time. 

Taking care of emotional well-being in companies 

Our app has different wellness resources that the user can use completely autonomously or with the help of one of the psychologists on our team. Thanks to them, it is possible to increase your repertoire of responses and coping in different life situations, developing personal skills that can also be applied at work

ifeel’s emotional well-being program for companies offers all employees a complete mental health care service that they can access in different ways depending on their needs. Those who wish to have access to an online therapy service with one of our psychologists specialized in cases like theirs or interact with one of our professionals to receive emotional support in a more specific circumstance that worries them.

The other cornerstone of our well-being service is based on Human Resources managers. They are the ones in charge of transferring this strategy to the entire workforce, and we want to help them, accompanying them in a personalized way and strengthening their decisions with real data based on their company

In our Resources section, you can find different materials, such as podcasts, HR guides on various topics (for example, employee experience or how to design a good HR strategy), or interviews with top HR managers. In addition, we have a Psychosocial Risk Factors Template, which you can use to comply with the requirements of the Labor Inspectorate.

mental health in companies

Join the global leading solution in mental well-being

Why have a mental health service in companies?

When many employees of an organization benefit from such a service, it generates a healthier work environment and methodology, improving team cohesion and internal communication. 

Efficiency at work does not come out of the blue, but precisely from cooperating with agility and generosity, feeling that our work has a purpose, forging trusting relationships with the manager and colleagues, and perceiving work as an ally for well-being and not as an enemy… 

Thanks to the consolidation of these processes, HR managers can see good results in their psychosocial risk prevention strategy, which will then be translatable at the ROI level by reducing absenteeism and sick leave due to mental health problems and improving performance. 

Using an emotional well-being service for companies such as the one offered by ifeel has enormous advantages at different levels. In this case, we have established three: the employee, the team, and the company. However, this differentiation is fictitious to the extent that employees, teams, and companies are in permanent interaction. 

1. Benefits for the employee

These are those that have to do strictly with their inner world: their belief system, self-esteem, mood, quality of their relationships, anxiety and stress management, perception of self-efficacy, commitment to the company, prospecting of personal development objectives (both professional and other aspects), etc. 

2. Benefits for the team

These emerge as a result of the combination of the particular psychological experiences of the different work team members. The more people safeguarded their emotional well-being, the greater their availability and openness to their co-workers will be. We are therefore talking here about two corporate aspects of enormous importance for the success of the company: the work environment and team cohesion, which always lead to better performance

3. Benefits for the company

Improved performance, cost savings due to absenteeism and medical leave due to mental health problems, talent retention thanks to an appropriate strategy to attract and develop talent, and an excellent internal and external reputation

We hope you found this post about the importance of taking care of mental health in companies interesting. If you would like more information about our emotional well-being program for companies, all you have to do is request it, and we will contact your team as soon as possible.

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