5 strategies to motivate your remote team

Maintaining strategies to motivate your remote team is not an easy task as an HR manager. Factors such as a diversity of needs, workplace culture, or outdated conceptions of emotional well-being at work, not adapted to a digital world, can affect their motivation. Therefore, HR managers must receive personalized advice on why it is important to take care of the work environment, learn how to measure it to base their decisions on data and provide their employees with a mental health care service. 

How to implement strategies to motivate your remote team 

1. Maintain smooth communication

To motivate your remote team it is important to take care and foster team cohesion at work through online internal communications so that the company keeps active and alive. This way, the organization’s “interpersonal energy” remains smooth, and this is one of the factors that allows the team’s work to keep progressing and helps them feel motivated so that they can work in a more efficient way.

2. Update internal communication channels

Create an internal newsletter (or reinforce the existing one) where positive information stands out and includes tips: film recommendations, books, programs, leisure, or cultural activities.

strategies to motivate your remote team

3. Reinforce the emotional salary program

Discounts (hairdressers, food delivery, massages, childcare, shows), after-work activities, presents delivered (fruit basket, an attractive anti coronavirus kit with a mask, hand sanitizer, a plastic apparatus to help sustain the mask so your ears don’t hurt, a case for masks…). Include a mental health care service provided by the company through specialized online platforms. Such as ifeel’s emotional well-being program for companies, which includes an online therapy service for employees and a counseling strategy for managers about how to boost the psychological health of its employees. 

4. Amend schedules to strengthen work-life balance 

Motivating your remote team sometimes involves taking the time to review whether their schedule is adequate or, having discussed it with the employees, can adjustments be made to benefit both the individual and the organization through efficiency criteria? For example, I used to come in at 10 am, that way I could drop off my kids at school and come to the office without being in a rush, but maybe now I can start at 9 am and finish early. Is it possible to adapt this timetable?

5. Let your employees know their progress

Let your remote team know (or encourage them to investigate) about how the company is progressing thanks to their efforts but also due to the advantages gained from working remotely such as an increase in time available, saving on transport (money, petrol), new routines and the possibility of spending more time with their family. 

Remote working is a method that must be at the service of the organization’s performance within its adjustment to the current situation, but it can’t do so if it does not protect the psychological health of its employees. 

strategies to motivate your remote team

Emotional well-being for companies

At ifeel, we understand that it is not possible to take care of the company without taking care of the psychological well-being of its employees. To do so, we have an emotional well-being program for companies, designed by our team of occupational well-being psychologists with one main objective: to help companies place employee health at the center of their strategy to build their mission statement.  

Thanks to this partnership, the people in charge of HR departments can receive personalized, data-driven advice on how to make good decisions in a company to get the most out of the teams they are in charge of and take better care of the psychological well-being of the people in them. 

Moreover, this program offers employees a holistic mental health care service structured at different levels according to their needs. This service includes, if required, online psychological therapy with a psychologist specialized in cases like theirs. Try our program today so you can see how it could help you.

We hope you have found this post about how how to motivate your remote team useful. If you want more information about our emotional well-being program for companies, simply request it and we will contact your team as soon as possible.

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