Undivided attention at work

Undivided attention at work: 7 key habits

Life happens in the present moment, so each instant represents the possibility of experiencing and learning something new.  

When we allow ourselves to live in the here and now with our 5 senses and in full awareness, we increase our capacity to learn and, above all, apply them to our lives for our personal development and growth.

Habits to cultivate mindfulness and achieve personal growth

At ifeel, we want to share ideas that we hope will inspire you to engage with all your senses in the present moment and with all the opportunities that this represents:

  1. Relaxing, practicing mindfulness techniques, and even the sport you love helps you get more oxygen to your brain, bringing clarity to your mind. The greater the mental clarity, the greater the ability to identify what really triggers your emotions and absorb the learning of each moment.
  2. Making a conscious decision to focus on the present and, above all, being intentional about enjoying the experience frees up space in your mind, allowing your brain cells to create new connections and increasing your creative capacity to innovate. Our ability to innovate increases when we are most relaxed and when great and good ideas emerge.
  3. Practice gratitude and discover those sparks of happiness in your day-to-day life. The brain is wired to solve problems, so disciplining the habit of gratitude will help set up your brain to recognise the positive aspects of each day and make the most of them for your development.
  4. Humans are social by nature, so enjoy your social environment and spend time with your loved ones without a mobile phone in the way: face-to-face conversations and attentive listening help us connect and create more meaningful bonds. Those moments when we make time for a good conversation have the potential to teach you a lot about who you are and allow us to practice empathy.

If we translate this to the workplace, companies increasingly seek empathetic employees who can better understand their colleagues, managers, and stakeholders’ needs, concerns, likes, dislikes, satisfactions, and expectations.

Undivided attention at work

5. Invest wisely in the most important asset: your time. Remember to have a balanced and intelligent use of technology: implementing habits that facilitate you to enter into mindfulness will give you more clarity on what is really important in your life and your priorities to manage your time better.

6. When setting your daily priorities, remember to set a realistic number so that you can experience a sense of progress, which will motivate you to achieve all your goals.

7. Breathe. It may sound like a cliché phrase or sound very simple, but at the same time, it is scientifically proven that this simple act, when done correctly, can make a significant difference in your life and can take you from a sense of panic to a sense of calm. For example, when you feel anxious, your breathing is irregular, short, and fast, to return to a sense of calm, take a few minutes to consciously take a deep, slow breath and keep track of the time of your inhalations and exhalations so that they become regular again.

When you breathe consciously and properly, chemical connections are made in your body. When the rhythm of your breathing is right, signals are sent to your brain to relax, your heart rate slows, and the muscles connected to your abdomen relax, changes that produce a greater sense of well-being and improve your ability to think rationally and make better decisions.

8. Self-awareness: Connecting more with the present moment will allow you to learn more about your emotions. Taking time to name your feelings can help create a beneficial space between emotion and action before acting impulsively. Knowing your emotions enables you to respond to different situations more clearly and confidently.

Undivided attention at work

Mental well-being as a strategic priority for companies

Remember that the best moment is happening here and now. It is the ideal time to take care of and live it with mental well-being.

These ideas facilitate self-awareness and help us in many ways to increasingly connect with our best selves in different areas of life. Mental well-being is a determining factor in ensuring exceptional performance and enabling companies to achieve great results.

At ifeel, we want to help you care for your mental well-being and your employees. Our holistic and unique solution consists of therapy, corporate training workshops, and a personalised approach for each company to integrate a mental well-being strategy as a business priority.

We believe that as each person discovers and learns more about how to be their best self, it positively impacts their environment, including the work environment, and this has a positive multiplier effect on the company’s overall results.

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