Work related stress

At ifeel we have psychologists specialized in work stress.

Work related stress

What is work-related stress?

Stress is the body’s natural reaction when it perceives that the demands of a situation or task exceed its coping resources. When this reaction occurs in the work environment, we can speak of work stress, very likely when faced with a surge of tasks, lack of support regarding our duties, or overly demanding deadlines. 

Remembering that stress is our body’s way of adapting to demanding situations is crucial. The problem appears when our organism is stressed too often, for too long, and too intensely due to the physical and psychological strain this entails. That is why it is important to prevent the onset of work-related stress if we want to strengthen our well-being in the workplace.

Work related stress

How can ifeel's online therapy help me manage my work stress?

It is not always possible to control all the factors that cause our work-related stress. Still, we can learn to identify its symptoms and train a healthy stress coping style by implementing good habits in our behavioral repertoire. 


At ifeel, we have a large team of psychologists specializing in work stress management. Through the guidelines and support your therapist can offer you within our online emotional well-being service, you can learn how to properly prevent and manage your stress reactions, whether inside or outside work.

How can I know if I am suffering from work-related stress?

We all suffer from work-related stress at some point or another in our lives. The problem is when that situation becomes the norm in our professional life rather than an exception. 


Suppose you often feel that your duties and responsibilities are overwhelming you and feel stressed, unable to handle all your tasks correctly or that the work environment in which you work is too demanding. In that case, it is time to get specialized psychological help to manage your work stress. Learn more about how our online emotional well-being service can help you. 

You may need professional help with your work-related stress if:

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