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  • Nueva llamada a la acción

  • Psychology for companies

    Even though we sometimes see the world of work as a dehumanized space, in reality there is nothing more typically human than a company: motivation, interpersonal relationships, vocation, cooperation and competitiveness, personal development, time management, skills training and gaining knowledge…. 


    Organizations can let all of these issues, and many more, spontaneously influence the day-to-day life of staff, letting them run their course without intervening to improve them or make the most of them. This is a legitimate option, but it is not the most useful for a company for a very simple reason: it is not useful for the people who are part of it. 

    Therefore, instead of pretending the human factor does not exist, why not open up the concept of occupational psychology in order to take care of this factor and improve an organization’s outcomes?

    Indeed, the most efficient way to approach the human aspects involved in the workplace is precisely that of psychology for companies.


    This way, any company can benefit from the knowledge professional psychologists specialized in the workplace have developed over the last decades, with a single objective: to care for the psychological well-being of workers as a basic strategy to boost productivity in a responsible and sustainable way.