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3 key advantages of using ifeel’s workplace mental health platform

It is ethically imperative for any company to have a workplace mental health platform to take care of its employees’ mental health. It is also one of the smartest ways for companies to improve their performance sustainably. 

Ifeel has designed a workplace mental health platform to provide employees with the necessary tools to manage their mental health and advise HR managers on the best way to manage psychosocial risk factors regarding their teams’ well-being.

Ifeel’s business strategy is always preventive, whether the problems have not yet appeared or are already making themselves felt. That is why we speak of three levels of prevention: primary (preventing a problem from appearing), secondary (preventing a problem from worsening), and tertiary (preventing a serious problem from becoming chronic over time).  

Why should companies implement a workplace mental health platform?

In order to perform optimally, employees need a workplace mental health platform to tackle psychological issues that affect them both inside and outside the workplace.
With ifeel, this can be done with a preventative approach. However, employees can get emotional support or online therapy if an issue has already emerged.

Should employees access therapy immediately?

Not always. We must remember each employee has different needs. For example, some employees might need certain resources and tips to guide them, this can be shared through ifeel’s platform.
Moreover, employees also have access to emotional support. However, if they feel like they need therapy, they have access to a personal therapist specialized in their case.

How does a workplace mental health platform tackle today’s stigma?

We must normalize getting psychological help, regardless of job role or age. Tackling mental health issues is key for employees to be productive and happy in the workplace.

Workplace mental health platform

How does the workplace mental health platform help?

Regardless of the point at which a worker is within the preventive route mentioned, any staff member should focus on their psychological well-being and can do so by using the tools that ifeel has at its disposal. 

The psychological benefits you gain can be classified into one of the three following areas:

1. First steps in self-awareness

The artificial intelligence tools available in ifeel’s workplace mental health platform allow the person interested in personal development to take the first steps in that direction independently and easily. 

Therefore, ifeel’s workplace mental health platform allows the person to keep a record of their behaviors, emotions, and thoughts, access useful exercises to manage their anxiety, and consider to what extent the map they have started to draw describes a situation that needs to be addressed in greater detail with a professional. 

2. Normalizing one’s own experience

It is one of the most common benefits that can be obtained during any therapeutic or emotional support process, such as those carried out by ifeel‘s team of professional psychologists. It is based on learning that my experience is normal and that anyone in my situation would feel the same.   

3. Personalized advice

It can be provided through an occasional or sporadic emotional support service. However, it is best – and has its most powerful effects – when carried out through an ongoing therapeutic process. 

On the other hand, it should be noted that strengthening employees’ psychological well-being, for example, through a support and therapy service such as ifeel’s workplace mental health platform, can turn a vicious circle involving the deterioration of mental health and the decline in performance into a beneficial one. 

Workplace mental health platform

Workplace mental health platform

In the first case, demotivation, stress, anxiety, and the toxicity of interpersonal relationships gradually undermine staff performance, which in turn damages individual self-esteem, weakens team cohesion, and increases the likelihood that those employees who have an opportunity to leave the company will quit improving their situation. 

In the second case, when teams work well, social benefits are consistent, stress peaks are compensated with rest periods, workers’ talents are enhanced without exploiting them, and a positive working environment is created. 

As a result, your staff is well-rested, motivated, and committed to putting their resources at the service of the task at hand, which will again contribute to their personal well-being experience. 

Join the global leading solution in mental well-being

Caring for emotional well-being in organizations

At ifeel, we work to help companies progress by committing to employee well-being. To achieve this, our team of psychologists, experts in well-being at work, has created an emotional well-being program for companies that brings relevant benefits to the entire team, including those responsible for Human Resources.

Do you have a role within your organization’s Human Resources department? We know these managers perform a job that significantly impacts the company’s results. That’s why, through our program, they can receive personalized, data-driven advice on improving the psychological well-being of their teamsTry our program now to see how it could help you.

This program offers all employees a complete mental health care service from which they can benefit differently depending on their needs. Those who wish can access an online therapy service with one of our psychologists, specialized in cases such as theirs, or interact with one of our professionals to receive emotional support in a more specific circumstance that concerns them.

In addition, in our Resources section, you can find different materials, such as podcasts, HR guides on various topics (e.g., employee experience or how to design a good HR strategy), or interviews with key HR leaders. In addition, we have a Psychosocial Risk Factors Template, which you can use to comply with the requirements of the Labor Inspectorate.

We hope this post about ifeel’s workplace mental health platform has been helpful. If you want more information about our emotional well-being program for companies, simply request it, and we will contact your team as soon as possible.

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