Online therapy to overcome emotional dependency

emotional dependency Online therapy

What is emotional dependency?

When we talk about emotional dependency we usually refer to the constant need a person may feel to be in the presence of the other member of the relationship.

Emotional dependency can be easily recognised when the personal needs of one of the member’s of the relationship are put before those of the other.

How do I know if I am emotionally dependent?

If you feel you can’t make plans without partner and you get nervous or restless whenever you are away from your partner.

When you realize that your mood and your emotions depend almost exclusively on your relationship, then it might be time to ask yourself if you are emotionally dependent.

What are the signs of emotional dependency?

  • Constantly thinking and being excessively concerned about what your partner is doing or thinking.
  • Frequently examining the other person’s social networks.
  • Constantly reviewing past conversations.
  • Being unable to enjoy plans in which your partner is not present.
  • Only feeling good when in the company of your partner

What are the main causes of emotional dependency?

Emotional dependency usually arises due to an excessive and irrational fear of our partner abandoning us. The origin of this way of relating or understanding relationships is unique to each person, and it stems from how we develop our most important relationships: family, friends or previous partners.

How can online therapy help you overcome emotional dependency?

Online therapy can be very helpful in reducing excessive emotional dependency by working on a daily basis with a therapist as you explore the origins of this attachment. This will help you lead a rich, independent life outside of your relationship. What’s more, you’l learn to be with your partner for pleasure and not for necessity, giving each of your more space to grow and flourish.

You might need professional help to overcome emotional dependency if:

  • You need your partner close at all times
  • Your partner makes all the important decisions
  • You feel anxious when you are not with your partner
  • All your plans are with your partner
  • You’re only happy when you’re with your partner
  • You feel your life is meaningless if your relationship ends.
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