Online therapy for hypochondria


What is hypochondria?

Hypochondria is the constant worry or fear that one may be suffering from a disease (physical or mental).This fear prevents the person from going about his day-to-day.

How do I know if I am a hypochondriac?

One of the most obvious signs that you are suffering from hypochondria is that you get medical tests done whenever you feel the slightest discomfort. Other signs may include constant restlessness and nervousness because of some physical symptom, or being convinced that you contracted a sickness from someone in your surrounding.

What causes hypochondria?

There is never one single cause, possible factors that lead to hypochondria can include:

  • Suffering or having suffered from some type of illness, especially if it was physical.
  • Contracting the same illness often.
  • Someone from your immediate surrounding being sick.
  • Loss of a loved one due to illness.

How can online therapy help me overcome my hypochondria?

Online therapy offers a suitable framework for you to be able to face the worries and the constant discomfort generated by the fear of falling sick.Daily contact with your therapist will help you identify the possible factors that have led to your hypochondria. It will provide you with the appropriate guidelines to deal with these factors in your day-to-day life, thereby reducing your discomfort. In addition, you will be able to work on your sense of control in situations that you previously felt were horrible and uncontrollable.

You may need professional help to overcome hypochondria if:

  • When people talk about diseases you worry you might have them.
  • You are constantly worried about falling sick.
  • You often think your family or loved ones will have contract a disease and die unexpectedly.
  • When you feel some physical pain, even if it’s a cold, you tend to think it’s something more serious.
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