Online therapy and maternity

maternity therapy online


Motherhood brings with it new challenges, intense feelings and multiple physical, emotional and personal changes. From the moment the desire to conceive arises, a process of adaptation begins that can become difficult when certain emotions such as fear, sadness, stress and anxiety appear.

At ifeel we want to accompany you through the different stages of motherhood, from the desire to conceive to early upbringing. We have psychologists specialized in perinatal psychology who will help you face this important moment for you. You will have a safe space where you can express your emotions and concerns immediately, comfortably and confidentially. You will be able to write to your therapist every day all the messages you want whenever you need them, and you will get answers throughout the day.

What difficulties may I encounter in my journey towards motherhood?

Motherhood is a continuous learning process where we may encounter different obstacles depending on the stage in which we find ourselves. Some of the most common are:

  • Before pregnancy: ambivalence with regards to being a mother, fertility problems and sexual difficulties.
  • During pregnancy and childbirth: fears and worries, emotional ups and downs, gestational loss (voluntary or involuntary), decision-making processes in prenatal diagnoses, perinatal mourning, doubts and fears about the moment of birth.
  • During the postpartum period: premature birth, postpartum depression and difficulties in social and family relationships.
  • Parenting: mother-child bond, going back to work, being a single parent.
  • At each of these stages, there might tensions with the couple or the families because of the arrival of the new family member.

How can I prepare for assisted reproduction treatment?

Beginning an assisted fertility program can give rise to conflicting emotions such as hope, illusion, desire, fear and uncertainty.

During the treatment, it is advisable to have a professional nearby to help you manage the different emotions and minimize stress and anxiety. It is also important to rely on the medical team to resolve any doubts.

Maternity and our environment

The kind of society we live in conditions us in specific ways. From the moment we even begin to consider the possibility of having a child, we are already making decisions.

Sometimes what we want does not agree with what others think or want. Sharing our preferences with the people around us, from an open and empathetic point of view, can allow us to avoid unnecessary tension.

How can online therapy help me?

The role of the psychologist is to understand the family structure and the strategies the mother (and father) are using to cope with the arrival of the baby. The psychologist accompanies and intervenes in order to help regulate internal processes in an adaptive way. The objective is to gain confidence and security to face the obstacles that may arise in this difficult and wonderful stage of the life.

You may need help if:

  • You are in the middle of an assisted fertility process
  • You don’t feel good about yourself since you’ve been a mother
  • You’ve had a miscarriage
  • You might be facing being a single parent
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