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People Analytics: the information hidden in people

People Analytics is a methodology for systematizing large amounts of information (what is currently known as big data) on different aspects of a company’s employees. The objective of these procedures is to help HR managers make decisions aimed at improving the employee experience and, therefore, the company’s performance. Learn more about this technique and how to implement it in this article. 

What does People Analytics measure?

Information is power, but it cannot show its true utility if it is not organized, so that it is easily understandable and interpretable by those who have to make decisions within an organization. 

The procedure we know as People Analytics is aimed at analyzing people from an HR point of view. That is, it does so by paying attention to those characteristics and aspects of their work, their life in the company, their function as part of a team and of an even larger structure, etc. that may be influencing their performance

What is at stake, therefore, is the influence of certain characteristics of the members of the company on the good or bad performance of the company as a whole. 

People Analytics

What are People Analytics techniques based on?

People Analytics is based on the premise that, if you want to know what influences a company’s results, it is essential to know the people who are directly responsible for those results. 

These people (the employees) are the best informants about why they do what they do, what they would need to do better and, in short, what factors are influencing their performance, their relationships with colleagues and their level of commitment to the company, as well as their motivation to carry out the company’s mission. 

People Analytics techniques provide an efficient insight into the behavioral patterns of staff members as well as more or less generalized experiences that may indicate problems in their emotional well-being or job satisfaction.

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Why use People Analytics?

The basic decision is key: if we want to know how to improve our work, we must know the people who perform it. This is the only way to make fairly accurate predictions about the evolution of the various corporate dynamics towards which the team is moving. The People Analytics process is, through its different techniques, the procedure that results in the deepest knowledge about employees

Clearly, analyzing is a process that involves several steps, mainly asking questions as a starting point and seeking answers that confirm or disprove the possible hypotheses that the HR department handles. 

To do this, it is necessary to investigate effectively, with the aim of targeting key sources of information: efficiency in the process means that we do not explore the same fields of response indiscriminately in all members of the workforce. Once these phases have been completed, it is essential to organize the information extracted and, of course, to interpret it in order to then translate it into concrete decisions that improve the company’s productivity by improving people’s lives. 

People Analytics

What do you need to know about People Analytics?

1. It is a methodology that is implemented systematically and is at the service of business growth.

2. People Analytics aims to use knowledge about employees to optimize productivity.

3. It basically consists of systematizing information to make decisions about the company and people.

4. People Analytics uses information as a tool for improvement, not as an aim in itself.

5. Through its different techniques, it handles huge data sets to refine the information they contain and make it understandable and useful. 

6, It seeks to identify possible psychosocial risk factors. This makes it possible to optimize resources and anticipate difficulties, with the savings in HR and economic costs that this entails.

How to use People Analytics for your team’s well-being

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