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Discover 3 factors that influence an employee engagement survey

An employee engagement survey is essential to know the workforce’s state of mind and the strength of the bond that unites employees with their job and the company. This way, it is possible to identify existing dysfunctions in the working relationship, strengthen the aspects that already work, and ultimately make decisions to improve the employee’s journey.

Treat employees as personally as possible. To do so, it is essential to convey to them, through facts, the idea that what we call “the company” is concerned about their needs and particular characteristics and has the will to foster their physical and psychological well-being during their stay in the company. 

What does an employee engagement survey cover?

Employees’ commitment to their job can reflect in many areas of company life that affect their motivation and, therefore, their desire to form and remain part of the organization. 

employee engagement survey

Areas within an employee engagement survey

Therefore, a complete employee engagement survey should refer to:

In other words, employee engagement is present throughout the employee’s life cycle. It begins to be built from the moment someone hears about a company and experiences the desire to join its team until the moment they leave the company to continue their professional development in another organization. Therefore, it is something to strengthen and evaluate at different times to enhance the employee’s experience and enable talent retention within the team. 

As its name suggests, the employee engagement survey refers to the bond between the employee and the company, i.e., the quality of the relationship between the two in psychological terms and not only in strictly labor terms.

3 factors that influence employee engagement

1. The task to be performed

Probably one of the aspects that best determines the emotional bond between an employee and their job is the task they have to perform: a series of functions assigned to them that are linked to specific professional objectives and a certain level of responsibility. 

Therefore, if something binds an employee to the company, the company can assign them motivating tasks. If something deteriorates work commitment, it has to perform repetitive, monotonous tasks or tasks that provide little stimulation to an employee who feels they could have a better level of professional development in another company.  

2. Interpersonal relationships

One of the aspects of company life that has the most significant influence on psychological well-being is the quality of relationships, both within and between hierarchical levels. 

Trust, emotional bonds, the transmission of information, critical recognition, etc., are forged in the context of these relationships. Taking care of the quality of relationships within the office can make a difference in increasing employee commitment. 

3. Working conditions

The economic salary and working hours are two aspects that most determine employee well-being and must be adjusted to the employee’s job and seniority. On the other hand, it is important to encourage other factors linked to emotional salary, job recognition, or the real prospects for learning and training that the employee perceives. 

When discussing an employee engagement survey, we tend to focus on the employee’s commitment to the company. Still, we should also look at the extent to which the company is committed to the employee.

employee engagement survey

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