Healthy companies

5 characteristics of healthy companies

The urge to join the list of officially recognized healthy companies is becoming more and more popular among organizations. Aspects related to corporate health cannot be separated from the health of the individuals who make them up and have become a solid indicator of corporate reputation. 

By becoming companies that respect people’s well-being, companies want to convey the idea that they are a good place to work, as well as agents capable of attracting talent, developing it, and retaining it. To achieve this, they strive to build, especially in the eyes of their various stakeholders, an attractive image that contributes to their results. 

What are healthy companies?

Healthy companies are organizations that are actively committed to promoting their employees’ well-being through a clear and measurable well-being strategy.

Is it enough not to have a lot of sick leave to be a healthy company?

No, since physical and psychological health goes beyond the absence of problems, encompassing a complete state of well-being.

What are the characteristics of healthy companies?

They can be very diverse, but some of them have a global emotional well-being service for employees and place well-being at the center of the corporate culture.

Is it easy to become a healthy company?

Yes, in fact, it is a process that you can start today by implementing a well-organized employee well-being strategy with the guidance of ifeel’s professional psychologists.

Characteristics of healthy companies

Healthy food, leisure time, services of various kinds (sports, hairdressing, supermarket, physiotherapy), flexible retribution… Healthy companies have multiple ways to take care of their employees. However, none of them can succeed in depth if they are not based on a company culture that is truly concerned about people’s health. 

Here are 5 characteristics of healthy companies that base their actions on a corporate philosophy properly involved in the care of their employees. 

Healthy companies

1. Healthy companies are not only interested in the productivity of a given work methodology but, more importantly, in its efficiency. In other words, they know how to differentiate properly between gross productivity and the extent to which this value indicates adequate performance. This is the only way to prevent medium- and long-term wear and tear that immediate productive successes may be masking.

2. Healthy companies regard the psychological well-being of their employees as their responsibility because they are aware of the extent to which their work can have a positive or negative impact on people’s mental health. That is why they strive to support this well-being and put it at the service of corporate profit. 

3. Healthy companies follow a strategy to build a positive work environment based on concrete decisions. They do not leave caring for the well-being of their employees to chance or improvisation but have a global vision of the areas they need to take into account to work in an increasingly better way. 

4. Healthy companies measure psychosocial risk factors that can affect employees’ psychological health. The idea is to anticipate them, as they know that prevention is economically more profitable – and more beneficial for the employee – than tackling problems once they have already occurred.

5. Healthy companies involve all employees in the achievement of corporate objectives, always keeping the appropriate channels of communication open. These companies encourage a collaborative environment that contributes to team cohesion and train their HR managers to acquire the necessary skills to achieve this. 

Operating like this is not just a matter of wishing it or imagining it. All organizations face major challenges in becoming truly healthy companies. To achieve this, they are not alone but can count on the help of those who know best about psychological health: psychologists. 

Healthy companies

Investing in the emotional well-being of employees

At ifeel, we want to introduce you to our emotional well-being service for companies designed by our team of psychologists, experts in well-being at work, which allows managers in the area of People, Talent, and Human Resources to receive personalized and data-based advice on how to care for the psychological well-being of the teams they are in charge of. This way, they can prevent the increase in labor turnover in their organizations.

Do you belong to your organization’s Human Resources department? Try our program now to see how it could help you.

In addition, our program offers all employees a complete mental health care service that includes emotional support and online therapy with one of our professionals. 

Moreover, in our Resources section, you can find different materials, such as Podcasts, HR Guides on various topics (e.g., employee experience or how to design a good HR strategy), or Interviews with leading HR managers. In addition, we have a Psychosocial Risk Factors Template, which you can use to comply with the requirements of the Labor Inspection.

We hope you found this post on the characteristics of healthy companies interesting. If you would like more information about our emotional well-being program for companies, all you have to do is request it, and we will contact your team as soon as possible.

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