World Mental Health Day

10th October: World Mental Health Day

Like every 10th of October, at ifeel, we want to take part in the celebration of  World Mental Health Day. It is a date marked on the calendar by the World Health Organization, intending to raise international awareness of issues related to this important aspect of our well-being. World Mental Health Day is aimed at launching specific efforts on behalf of individuals, organizations, and governments so they take responsibility for its implementation and development. 

As the World Health Organization states on its website, “During the World Mental Health Day in May 2021, governments from around the world recognized the need to scale up quality mental health services at all levels. And some countries have found new ways of providing mental health care to their populations.”

According to the organization, all those involved in mental health care have an opportunity to highlight the work they do and highlight the work that still needs to be done to make the protection of people’s psychological well-being “a reality for the world’s population”.

What is mental health?

When thinking about mental health, we often refer to the clearest examples of the absence of such health: serious mental pathologies, severe mental deterioration, intensely altered mood, extreme difficulties in relating, thinking, deciding, or interpreting reality… Many mental illnesses indeed have these effects. However, it is important to emphasize that mental health is not only about not suffering from such situations, but also about feeling well on a psychological level. 

Experiencing life in this way does not imply permanently bursting with joy, but living constantly with a feeling of being at ease with ourselves, motivated by what we do, excited about the future, and reasonably satisfied with our journey. 

It also implies being physically well, for example, not suffering from serious sleep disturbances and somatic activation, the result of ongoing worries or difficulties in controlling our emotions. Of course, the quality of our interpersonal relationships is a reflection – and a source – of good psychological health, as well as our ability to enjoy life and effectively carry out our numerous responsibilities.

Although human beings instinctively tend to take care of themselves, multiple circumstances can alter our perception of adequate mental health or negatively influence it and impair our quality of life. That is why it is important for at least one month a year, or one day, we celebrate World Mental Health Day and highlight the need to take care of ourselves.

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day in the work environment

The World Health Organization emphasizes the need for an increasing number of official bodies to commit themselves to promote the psychological well-being of individuals, assessing the factors that may interfere with this condition and implementing strategies to prevent and address the population’s mental health problems. Moreover, as stated by the organization itself, “But World Mental Health Day is about more than advocacy. It also provides an opportunity to empower people to look after their own mental health and provide support to others”.

This perspective includes, of course, the work environment. Fortunately, over the past few decades, great progress has been made in preventing risks to the physical safety of workers, and there is a growing concern to take care of their psychological safety as well

Empowerment means providing workers with the tools to become proactively and autonomously involved in their self-care, not only physically but also psychologically. This enables them to put their needs forward, claim employee mental health rights and commit themselves as essential players in any corporate strategy for the long-term optimization of productivity. 

Join the global leading solution in mental well-being

Companies responsible for mental health

The celebration of World Mental Health Day should also be a call for companies to go beyond the individual responsibility their employees may have for the care of their psychological well-being. They must also take the initiative and get involved in achieving this goal of improvement at a specific level, which all employees who are part of the company can experience in their daily lives as the achievement of healthy company culture. 

To achieve this, it is necessary that companies explicitly and deliberately decide to implement strategies for the care of mental health and the evaluation and prevention of psychosocial risks that threaten it. These strategies must be based on knowledge of the characteristics, needs, and particular circumstances of the people who are part of their teams.

Supporting companies with specific programs 

Those responsible for human capital management in organizations are not alone in this task. Instead, they can count on the help of mental health professionals, for example through the emotional well-being program for companies that ifeel offers to its partners. This program is designed by a large team of psychologists who are experts in occupational mental health and is based on two lines of action. If you want to know more about this program, just take a look at our website.

The first is aimed, as we have already mentioned, at providing continuous and personalized advice to HR department managers, providing them with the necessary tools to assess, prevent and address all psychosocial risk factors that may jeopardize the psychological well-being of workers. 

The second line of action of ifeel‘s emotional well-being program for companies is aimed at the entire workforce as a whole. Employees can download ifeel‘s app, free of charge, and access the different mental health care resources designed by our team of psychologists. These resources are organized at different levels, depending on the needs of each employee. Of course, they include the possibility of starting online therapy with one of our therapists if necessary, leading to improved mental health. 

Contact us today and find out how you and everyone in your company can benefit from ifeel‘s emotional well-being program for companies. We hope you found this post about World Mental Health Day interesting. If you want more information about our emotional well-being program for companies, simply request it and we will contact your team as soon as possible.

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