get back into a routine

4 tips to get back into a routine in September

You know it: it’s time to get back into a routine in September. Cities are once again full of cars, noise, and offices are full of tanned and nostalgic people. That is, people full of mixed feelings, complaining and focused on negative emotions. They grumble about being in front of the computer again while idealizing their summer, switching off from work, between palm trees, airports, and mountain campsites.

Perhaps you are one of the few who have booked days off precisely for September. However, it is most likely that these days you have to get back into a routine, and comments in the office go something along the lines of “Summer is over”, “We have to start the term”, “Until next year” and so on.

Transitions are never easy, especially when you return to a job that is uncomfortable, that you are not completely satisfied with or that you just don’t like. We would like to give you some tips on how to get through these weeks with the best possible attitude.

get back into a routine

Get back into a routine step by step

1. Be present in the present

Unless the situation is serious, be thankful for what you have experienced and let it go. Vacations have had their moment but are now a thing of the past. Be grateful but don’t let them occupy so much space in your mind and emotions. Focus on what you need to do now, that is to get back into a routine as it is, remembering that September (like the rest of the months) will also pass.

2. Don’t be so dramatic, keep it real

Lying on the beach, visiting a new country, or going about your usual life at a more relaxed pace is more pleasant than the whirlwind of the multiple tasks you’ve decided to take on. But think about it for a moment: time off is not always perfect and going back to work is not usually as terrible as we think. Allow yourself some time to be nostalgic but remember, for example, there are people who are desperate because they have no job to return to and therefore no vacation to afford. Doesn’t it look different from that point of view?

3. Take it easy with your rhythm

Getting back into a routine in September after two, three, or even more weeks away is not done overnight. Prioritize, don’t rush, and don’t try to reconnect with everything on the first day.

get back into a routine

4. Absorb what you have learned

Vacations are usually periods of reflection, new ideas, rediscovering things, actions, and people. You have probably used them to look back on the positive, think about new projects, or think about how the last few months have been.

That’s not necessarily interrupted by getting back into a routine. Put it into action, apply it, surely there are habits you had during your vacations that you can maintain even though September is here: slow down, dedicate more time to relationships spending some time with friends and family, allow yourself small moments of indulgence or enjoyment, set aside more time for productive leisure…

Getting back into a routine in September does not have to be associated with post-holiday depression. However, if you notice it becomes more difficult than expected and you discover the problem goes beyond your vacations being over, then you should take action. We sometimes disguise serious problems that need to be addressed with tiredness, nostalgia, or dissatisfaction with work.

Remember, a psychologist can help you identify what has disrupted your life that is not solely related to your vacation and the end of it.

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