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Work environment 


The work environment is the working atmosphere that all staff members “breathe” every day, no matter what their role. It is sometimes difficult to identify it or to realize it is there, since the work environment is influenced by abstract factors: the way work processes are organized and structured, the leadership style applied by managers, motivation or fatigue and, of course, circumstances outside the company that influence the work atmosphere, interpersonal relationships or the decisions made and the way they are communicated. 


All of these issues can improve a company’s employee energy level, creating a work environment that makes the office a good place to work, develop professionally or recommend others to join the team. However, when it is not positive, the work environment can also cast a huge shadow over the atmosphere, making employees want to leave because of how unpleasant it is to work there.  


This is why it is essential for companies to give the work environment the importance it deserves and take care to create the working conditions that best contribute to a positive atmosphere, motivating and fostering both productivity and the company’s internal and external reputation.