Wellness Recovery
Action Plan

A guide for managers and employees.

Do you know what a Wellness Recovery Action Plan is and how it can boost your mental well-being at work? Find out in this new strategic resource.

Our team of experienced and qualified psychologists has designed this resource for the members of your workforce. It will help you take an active role in nurturing your mental well-being.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Why should you download this Wellness Recovery Action Plan template?

Your employees’ mental well-being is key to running any company, ideally preventing the effect of those stressors that can put it at risk, but we can’t always control everything.

When mental well-being-related difficulties arise, we must also have an effective plan to address them. In this document, we offer you and your team guidelines on how to respond proactively to such problems when it has not been possible to prevent them.

As always, professional psychologists’ help is a good tool in any action plan to improve our mental well-being at work.