Onboarding Process Guide

Discover the best tips for a successful onboarding process from day one!

Our team of psychologists, experts in mental well-being at work, has created this resource designed to help Human Resources managers implement a better onboarding process.

onboarding process

Why do you need to download our Onboarding Process Guide?

It is essential to design the process of hiring a new team member properly to take care of the team’s cohesion and the work environment in which they have to work.


In this document, we provide the guidelines for you to understand, plan and successfully execute onboarding new employees in your company, integrating them with their colleagues and offering them a good experience from the very first moment.


In addition, we give you some tips to prevent possible conflicts in the adaptation process.

Take a look at the entire document and if you are not already doing so, put these suggestions into practice with your next onboarding. Your employees’ mental well-being will benefit from it.