Would you like to keep track of your 2024 objectives? Do you want to know if your team is achieving its goals this year?

With this OKR guide for HR managers, you will be able to do it quarterly. In fact, it will help you:

It is time to inspire your employees’ mental well-being using this guide on objectives and key results to improve the team’s performance.

Why should you download our guide on OKRs for HR managers in 2024?

Managing teams requires setting goals that are useful for their mental well-being and help them succeed in their tasks. To do this, it is essential to have objective criteria, focusing on the corporate aspects that improve people’s lives and performance when implemented properly.


This document is a guide to help you set your OKRs as a manager for 2024 and boost the experience of the employees under your care. Take a look at it, adapt it to your team, and use it to achieve everything you set out to do this year.