Online couples therapy

Online couples therapy

The benefits of online couples therapy

Therapy can help you work on the rough patch your relationship is going through, from there, analyze all the variables that may have caused them. It is not about blaming each other, trying to change the other or inflicting more harm, but about looking for a solution that is good for both.

Every couple can go through difficult times in their relationship. When conflicts are left unresolved they can build up and lead to disagreements. As time goes by, this can cause distancing between the couple, isolation or even the end of the relationship.

At ifeel, we offer a safe space where you can consult all your doubts and openly express yourself immediately, comfortably and privately. If you decide to start therapy, your therapist will provide you with the tools that they consider appropriate for your case and goals. You will be able to move forward step-by-step to redirect your relationship towards a healthier path.


Online couples therapy

How can online therapy help me to solve my relationship problems?

Therapy provides a space for reflection where the couple can be open and work through their issues together with the help of a professional who will accompany them throughout the process. It’s all about exploring the causes of the problems and learning to face them together in a healthy and constructive way.

What type of problems can online relationship therapy solve?

Conflicts are normal in relationships, especially if you’re living together. Sometimes these conflicts can go on over time and cause the relationship to suffer. Common queries related to couples therapy are:

How do I know if my relationship is going through a crisis?

Not knowing or having doubts about where a relationship is going can be painful. Getting in touch with the right professional to explore what is happening can be a great help to face these difficult times in a constructive and functional way.

You may need professional help to solve your relationship problems if:

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