ifeel raises $20M investment round to continue taking care of what really matters 

At ifeel, the good news just keeps on coming, and we want to share it with you! We have raised a $20M Series B investment round, led jointly by FinTLV Ventures and Korelya Capital, with participation from our existing investors SCOR Ventures, Nauta, and UNIQA Ventures. Isn’t that fantastic? 

Since our launch in 2017, our purpose has been to maximise access to mental health for individuals, large corporations, and insurers alike in a clinically grounded and financially viable way. To this end, we have taken the use of technology further and implemented AI models that power all of our diagnostic, self-care, and therapeutic processes. 

Since our last round in 2022, we have grown exponentially at ifeel. Now, our value proposition, based on the care of mental well-being through the use of technology and the work of great professionals, has once again convinced investors. This new investment round will help us continue working in this direction: a much more human future. 

A fresh boost to keep taking care of what really matters 

At ifeel, we have a unique product that has earned the trust of major partners. These partners continue to support our growth, making ifeel the digital mental well-being solution of choice for large corporations and insurance companies in several countries.

The proof is in the pudding. Over the last seven years, we have implemented our global mental well-being solution in companies such as Glovo, Insud Pharma, SCOR SE, Cabify, Travelperk, H&M, Wellhub, Thoughtworks, and others. Here, we work with prevention and, where required, with psychological intervention.

“Having known ifeel for over five years, we are deeply impressed by their unwavering commitment to revolutionizing mental health care for enterprises and insurers. This investment is timely and essential as it addresses the growing mental health challenges faced by employees and insured populations. It also supports our thesis that the insurance industry should prioritize prevention and preventative solutions.

Ifeel’s exceptional team, combined with their advanced tech stack, not only offers innovative solutions but also ensures substantial cost savings and improved mental health outcomes. At FinTLV, we are excited to support ifeel in their journey to bring sustainable, effective mental health care to the world.”

Gil Arazi, Founder and Managing Partner de FinTLV Ventures.

“Amir and the ifeel team are on a mission to tackle one of the biggest societal challenges of our times, and have built the business with the needs of the key constituencies of the mental health ecosystems in mind, including patients, providers, insurance companies and corporates. We are impressed by ifeel’s product, which we believe is truly unique in the market. The combination of mental wellness content, access to medical professionals and an AI-assisted triage engine ensure patients are offered the right product for their needs, while insurers and corporate effectively manage the increasing mental health costs of their populations.”

– Franco Danesi, Partner at Korelya Capital

We are very excited because we have raised $40M since we started. With this additional $20M investment round, we can expand our commercial engine in existing and new markets and deepen our product and innovation capabilities in the mental health space.

More than 600 psychologists are offering therapy in the 30 countries where ifeel is present to meet our goals. We do so in 26 languages and have already worked with more than 1 million employees worldwide, with 200% growth in the previous year. 

“The mental health industry needs structural change. In a time when having the right clinical insights on a patient population is critical to preventing, treating, and underwriting mental health disorders appropriately, ifeel emerges as a solution that is capable of driving optimal mental health outcomes at scale.”

– Amir Kaplan, CEO at ifeel.

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Artificial intelligence-powered mental well-being solutions

At ifeel, we use artificial intelligence to care for people’s psychological well-being. We combine advanced data analytics, clinical research, and state-of-the-art AI models to provide employers and insurers with the right tools to manage the mental health of employees and policyholders. 

With a modular approach to mental health risk management, we can optimally allocate resources to help those in need, improve people’s mental health outcomes, and save companies millions in disability, productivity, and claims costs.

What makes us unique is that all our AI solutions have been trained by real human interactions and data collected over the years. We prioritise clinical robustness and always follow the highest ethical and confidentiality standards. 

These tools help HR managers understand the psychological well-being challenges the workforce faces so they can make informed decisions that drive business development. Of course, all of this is done with scrupulous respect for data confidentiality and following the highest ethical standards. 

At ifeel, we know that improving employee well-being is one of the smartest corporate strategies. We are delighted to continue to help companies achieve this through this new round of investment.

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