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  • Human resources

    Many people think HR is just in charge of selecting and hiring new employees who join the company. However, these professionals’ work encompasses many more aspects and tasks. This makes their functions complex and, most importantly, essential for the coordinated and efficient progress of the entire team. 


    Of course, recruitment is the most visible task HR managers do: after all, in a way it all starts with the processes of searching for candidates and hiring the most suitable ones. In reality, rather than beginning or ending, it is a continuous task: taking care of people in a company is a circular process that is not limited to finding workers and integrating them into the workforce and then taking care of other matters. On the contrary, those responsible for managing a company’s human capital continue to take care of people after they have been selected for a position.

    Employees are human resources from before they become part of the company until they retire or take another job. During their journey as employees, they play different roles, have different needs and fulfill different functions to improve the company’s performance. The HR department is always by their side, supporting them, holding an important responsibility for the success and well-being of all elements of the organization.