Professional development

At ifeel we have psychologists specialized in professional development.

Professional development

What is professional development?

Beyond earning a good salary or landing a specific role, professional development is the result and process of progressing over time in our professional careers, achieving the goals we set for ourselves, and acquiring the skills necessary to be the workers we want to be. 

The path to achieving optimal professional development is never smooth or easy. The labor market is complex, and professional careers are becoming more demanding. That is why it is essential to be clear about the professional goals we want to achieve, to make sure that they align with our core values, and, this way, take practical actions to enable us to reach them.

Professional development

How can ifeel help me improve my professional development?

Ifeel offers a complete service of emotional well-being for employees, online, accessible, and, most importantly, useful for all who wish to evolve inside and outside their professional careers. 


With ifeel, you can contact a professional psychologist who will help you clarify your professional project in the short, medium, and long term. What optimal point of professional development do you want to achieve, why is it essential to reach it, what are your resources and areas for improvement, and how to get started most effectively and realistically?

How do I know if I need help with my professional development?

An employee’s professional development is not simple, nor does it have a set end: in reality, it is always on the move, evolving as we go through our professional and life experiences. 


In any case, we are not always clear about where we want to go, what we need to achieve professional satisfaction, or how our professional development can align with our psychological well-being. That is why receiving the support and guidance of a professional psychologist can be very useful in discovering our values, the goals we would like to achieve, and the concrete actions we should take to reach that degree of growth within the work environment. 

You may need the help of a psychologist to support you in your professional development if:

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