10 Healthy office habits

When someone explains to us why we should lead a healthy life and the basic methods to achieve it, we all go to the same old things: the gym, food, the hours we sleep? 

That’s right: physical activity, nutrition, and the quality of our sleep are all very important aspects of health. However, we don’t always realize that healthy living isn’t just what happens while we sleep, while we look at the supermarket shelf, or while we tone up on the treadmill. 

Leading a healthy lifestyle needs consistency. That is, as far as possible and without falling into exaggeration, it should cover all aspects of our lives. So, why not consider applying these habits to our workplace health so we can enjoy healthy office habits? 

Remember that, with a few basic habits, the way we work can contribute to our health without us having to make a huge effort to do so. 

Why do we need to encourage healthy office habits?

There are three key reasons to encourage healthy office habits: 

1. We spend a significant part of our working day there. This means that taking care of our health when we are in the office is equivalent to taking good care of ourselves, in general.

2. If we feel good when we are at the office, it contributes to our well-being both before starting the day and after clocking out. 

3. Leading healthy office habits contributes to increasing productivity. A healthy employee is an employee who is reasonably well both physically and psychologically, and someone who is well inside and out is always going to work better.

10 tips to help you gain healthy office habits

Keeping the main reasons for a healthy lifestyle in mind, also at work, requires effort on our behalf. Improving our well-being at work is not easy and is not always accessible. However, here are ten tips that can be easily within your reach so you can lead a healthy life while working. 

1. Take care of your diet

The rush, laziness and the “bad” influences with food can drag us systematically to a diet that does not benefit us. Enjoy life, sweeten it up and spice it up as much as you like, but don’t fall into a dynamic of neglect with food. Find a way to eat a healthy diet most days. 

2. Don’t stiffen up, exercise

Endless days in front of the computer can cause our back, legs, and body as a whole to lose the tone and agility they need. Make sure your posture is correct and get up from time to time. Walk, take a stroll whenever possible to make up for long periods of sitting down. 

3. Watch out for time 

Don’t arrive in a rush or stay later than expected, unless it’s to resolve an issue that can’t wait. Make the most of the hours you have and distribute your tasks throughout the day as efficiently as possible. 

4. Make the most of your breaks 

Have a good break time routine, take breaks in a way that is consistent with the level of fatigue you are accumulating and take that opportunity to move around, chat with colleagues, have a snack, and get away from the screen. Do not allow breaks and work to merge. 

5. Have a social life 

A large part of the emotional salary that is included in a particular job is the possibility of sharing space, projects, and time with other people as long as they are nice, we connect with them and the company culture contributes to team cohesion. You are not a production machine: if you feel like it and whenever appropriate, take the opportunity to interact and nurture relationships with your colleagues. 

6. Keep your desk tidy

To work with certain efficiency, and of course, with concentration and peacefully, it is vital to have our workspace clean and tidy. Make sure there are no distractions or obstacles around you and your surroundings are uncluttered. 

7. Don’t interrupt without a reason

Socializing and enjoying interactions with colleagues is great. However, for all of you to work better, you must respect the work atmosphere and concentration, so when you have free time, you can enjoy it to have a chat and a laugh. Try not to start small talk every now and then or make requests to your colleagues that can wait until later. 

8. Watch your attitude at all times 

From the moment you walk in until you say goodbye. Of course, we all get tired, angry, have bad days, and other issues which you already know. Try to have a friendly, positive, and polite attitude most of the time. It sounds silly, but having a grumpy person on the team can pollute the entire work environment.

9. Use what you need 

Make a comfortable and responsible use of materials and spaces. To work well you must have the necessary tools and comfort. Make use of the office and the materials at hand, ask for what is important, and can improve the quality of your performance. In general, if you have a coat rack, don’t keep your coats in the way, if there is a closet, keep your junk there, if you need to write stuff down, get a notebook, and don’t collect pieces of paper. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. 

10. Cultivate companionship

Help your colleagues with what they need and don’t make them wait unnecessarily. One of the things that contribute most to our unease is poor coordination with colleagues, selfishness, poor performance, or bad character. Don’t be like that and you will make it easier for others not to be like that with you. Be friendly and reachable.

As you know, there are plenty of reasons to add healthy office habits to your life, even if we all find it hard to get into it. That’s okay. You can start by taking care of your psychological health with the help of experts in this area.

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