Online Sex Therapy

Online sex therapy

What is sexuality?

Sexuality is a term we tend to associate with sex, but it goes beyond that. Human sexuality changes and develops throughout our lifetime. This facet encompasses three main, interrelated aspects: a biological one, a psychological one and a social one.
This is why it is important to consider all the factors that condition the sexuality of person, taking into account the specific moment in that person’s life, where they are in the world, the society they live in and what their body is like. A sexual or sexuality-focused therapy helps us address these three areas in a holistic way.

Online sex therapy

How can online therapy help me address sexual dysfunctions?

Your psychologist will provide an environment where you can talk freely about how you feel. In the context of therapy, the acceptance and understanding of one’s own body, as well as one’s own sexuality, is fundamental. For this reason, sexual therapy goes far beyond what we might think at first glance. Your psychologist will help you improve your communication with your partners so you can transmit your desires and interests better.

The therapy process will help you experience a sexuality free from prejudice, guilt or discomfort and will guide you to build a healthy sexuality with which you can feel at peace.

What types of sexual difficulties can be treated with online sex therapy?

Many of our sexual barriers or difficulties manifest themselves in the context of a couple’s relationship, but sexuality also occurs without the need for another person to be involved beyond ourselves. Some of the topics that can be addressed in the field of online sex therapy would be the following:

Sexual difficulties associated with the LGTBIQ+ population

Although most of the problems related to sexuality apply to everyone, there are some particularities that are exclusive to the LGBTIQ+ population

These difficulties have to do, among other things, with the experience of a non-normative sexuality and the fact of having received an education that penalizes their sexual desire and practices, as well as other aspects based on the life of the couple.

You may need professional help if:

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