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Discover 5 Human Resources trends in 2022

With 2021 coming to an end, it’s time to catch up on the Human Resources trends that will be in place next spring, summer, fall, and winter so that no company is left behind. 

Many organizations have already signed up for these and other trends to make a difference without further delay. We have listed the main ones in this post, which should not be missing in your human capital care strategy

Why pay attention to Human Resources trends?

The management and care of people within a company is a continuous process and, desirably, in permanent evaluation. For a team to function properly, it is essential to examine what works, what should be imitated/avoided with respect to what other companies do, and what should be changed in the Human Resources area of a given organization. 

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After all, it is a matter of working with the most important resource a company has to carry out its mission: the people who make it up and who every day put their time, talent, and effort at the service of the corporate objectives. 

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How to assess the team’s needs

To analyze Human Resources trends, it is necessary to take into account the different areas that make up the work of this area. It is a vast and complex field that, contrary to popular belief, goes far beyond the tasks that normally fall under the label of “recruitment”.  

First and foremost, there is a broad consensus in the business world on the need to learn the lessons that the pandemic and its management have left in companies. In a nutshell, a new landscape of employee needs and characteristics is described. 

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These needs and characteristics may have changed, sometimes radically, over the past two years. Moreover, we should not lose sight of the fact that they may be expressed directly or indirectly, may remain secret, and may even still be unconscious. Perhaps those who have them are still working them out internally, are still formulating them, or are becoming aware of them and assigning them words, degree of importance, and possible ways of satisfaction, however tentative. 

What are the Human Resources trends in 2022?

1. Prioritizing workers’ mental health

The most important thing, and one that can no longer be delayed, is to pay attention to the psychological well-being of employees, placing this element at the heart of all corporate strategies. It is true that this has been done before, but the Human Resources trends for the coming months indicate that it will be further developed without “limiting” it to modulating stress, but rather by finding out what can facilitate more complete well-being and making concrete decisions in this regard. 

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2. Making the physical work environment more flexible

What has been learned since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic is that it is no longer so much a question of making definitive or static decisions about whether to work face-to-face, remotely, or in a hybrid fashion in 2022. The challenge, instead, is to contemplate the combination of these formats according to the coordinated needs of workers and the organization. Without prejudice, being open to experimenting, betting on work formats that used to be scary but now can be an excellent way to adapt to the circumstances. 

3. Flexibility in time use

Grid-bound and rigid workdays no longer fit many of today’s work environments. Therefore, 2022 will consolidate a new model in the flexibilization of the use of time within organizations. 

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The idea is to learn to use time as a powerful instrument within social benefits and emotional pay (e.g. rewarding with time in addition to money or material goods). In addition, it is necessary to improve work schedules to adapt them to the needs of employees and allow them to reconcile professional and other aspects in a way that is adapted to them. Some companies are re-structuring the work week by trying a four-day model instead of a five-day model – are they the first of many? 

4. Improve training strategies

It is one of the Human Resources trends that never goes out of fashion. Through properly updated and executed upskilling and reskilling strategies, during 2022 it will continue to be essential to invest resources in the training and recycling of both soft skills and hard skills in the employees of the different departments.  

5. Preventing psychosocial risks

Although it is a long-standing trend, identifying, measuring, and preventing the effect of psychosocial risks at work will continue to be imperative in the coming year. In addition to conforming to current labor regulations, the goal is to consider the protection of workers’ psychological well-being as one of the key tools for their performance, along with appropriate training, materials, and methodologies. 

Preventing the onset of severe stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as boosting motivation, team cohesion, commitment and employee identification with the company’s mission statement are key aspects for implementing a true productivity strategy that is sustainable over time. 

tendencias en recursos humanos

Helping Human Resources become a trend-setter

Ifeel has created an emotional well-being program for companies, designed by its team of leading psychologists with one main objective: to help companies put employee health at the heart of their strategy to boost sustainable productivity.  

Thanks to this partnership, the people in charge of human resources departments can receive personalized and data-driven advice on how to make good decisions in a company to accompany their team members even when they are going through the most difficult moments.  

Moreover, this program offers employees a holistic mental health care service structured at different levels according to their needs. This service includes, if required, online psychological therapy with a psychologist specialized in cases like theirs. Try our program today so you can see how it could help you.

We hope you found this post about the upcoming Human Resources trends interesting. If you want more information about our emotional well-being program for companies, simply request it and we will contact your team as soon as possible.  You may also be interested in this post about the advantages of using ifeel’s workplace mental health platform.

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