5 tips on how to be more confident at work

The key to proper occupational health is to encourage and show employees how to be more confident at work. Taking care of self-esteem at work is essential for optimal well-being. Work is one of the aspects of our lives that defines us the most. It’s not just about how much it structures our daily lives and how it influences our interpersonal relationships and moods. It is also one of the most critical components of our identity. Our profession is one of the most significant elements we use to define ourselves.

Whether we are employees, HR managers, or team coordinators, we must consider the influence of our self-esteem on the work we do as a source of well-being or, in the worst case, as a source of psychological discomfort.

Many factors can cause mental health at work to deteriorate. Similarly, there are also many reasons why our profession makes us feel bad about ourselves. For this reason, it is essential to know how to be more confident at work. This way, we will be able to strengthen our self-esteem and protect it. 

5 tips on how to be more confident at work

How to be more confident at work

Every worker is different. Not all of us need the same things to improve our self-esteem at work and feel that we are the professionals that our company deserves and that many other companies would like to have in their workforce.

However, there are five elements that we should not lose sight of if we want to know how to be more confident at work or if we want to protect our self-esteem and the people we are in charge of in the company.

1. Being taken into account 

Among the aspects employees value most in any workplace is “being taken into account”. It’s no wonder that HR and managers try to boost this factor when designing their employee benefits or emotional salary program.

Although it has to do with being valued positively, in reality, being taken into account is not exactly that, but rather the fact of being recognized, of knowing that one exists. It is the opposite of going unnoticed: feeling that your point of view matters when it comes to making decisions and establishing strategies. Being taken into account is also related to the extent to which the company can adapt to the employee’s needs, which strengthens the bond between the two and helps managers retain talent.

2. Being validated

Being validated is a basic need for relationships and, therefore, could not be missing from the checklist of components of how to be more confident at work. In addition to being recognized as someone significant for the company, the employee needs to receive honest and concrete positive feedback about their work. Instead of feeling like a number, they perceive a differential value: what they do is seen and has relevance.

3. Sense of fulfillment and influence 

All the components of self-esteem in the workplace influence and feed off each other. So, when a worker is acknowledged and positively valued, they also internalize these positive messages and positively value themselves: working well and being seen as someone who works well leads to the employee feeling good internally and being more productive. 

This increases their level of motivation because they feel that they are not a robot, someone completely replaceable, placed anywhere by chance, but that they have an identity and the ability to influence, to some extent, their career path and the company’s performance. 

There is nothing more toxic for a company than having workers in the opposite situation: acquired helplessness. 

4. Seeing work as a positive element for one’s health

It is not easy to foster healthy self-esteem as workers when we perceive the workplace as a threat to our well-being. It is vital for workers to feel that their physical and psychological vulnerability is protected, that someone is taking them into account and respects them seriously. That’s what gives back to each employee an image of themselves as someone who matters, someone who can’t be treated just any way. 

how to be more confident at work

5. Work on something meaningful

Not all jobs consist of performing pleasant or transcendental tasks. However, as long as people perceive that they are working on a well-designed, caring, and responsible project, even if it is not a matter of life and death, they will be able to see themselves as part of that good, caring, and responsible “something”. 

Jobs are not perfect, and sometimes it is hard to take care of your own and your team’s mental health. That’s okay. We are together in this learning process. If you have any responsibility in your company’s management or HR area and you need help boost your employees’ mental health and show them how to be more confident at work, ask for help.

Emotional well-being for companies

At ifeel, we want to help companies with the process of building a healthy corporate culture where all members of the workforce can develop professionally. To achieve this, our team of psychologists specializing in well-being at work has created an emotional well-being program for companies.

Through this collaboration, HR managers can receive personalized, data-driven advice on how to improve their team’s psychological well-being. In addition, this program offers employees a comprehensive mental health care service structured at different levels according to their needs. Try our program today to see all its benefits.

Be sure to visit our Resources section. We have a variety of content that could be of interest: podcasts, guides for Human Resources, or Interviews with important HR managers. In addition, we have a Psychosocial Risk Factors Template and use it to comply with the requirements of the Labor Inspection.

We hope this post about how to be more confident at work has been interesting. If you want more information about our emotional well-being program for companies, simply request it and we will contact your team as soon as possible.

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