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We are thrilled to be working with ifeel. We have witnessed that you are a very relevant market observatory since everything is related to employee well-being

Jaime de Nardiz, Innovation and Cultural Transformation Director en Great Place to Work

I have been at Great Place to Work for 8 wonderful years. During these years, we have gone through many phases, and this is certainly one of the best. People management has changed a lot in these years. In 2017-18, companies timidly (in percentage) were looking for their employees’ integral well-being. Before Covid-19, we noticed an increased interest in being a Great Place to Work. However, it wasn’t until after that that generating a Great Place to Work and employee care/well-being went from being a competitive advantage to being a necessity in order to compete. 

As for me, I lead a simple life, and I appreciate the moments I have with my children, my wife, and family/friends more and more every day. On a more personal note, I am passionate about learning how to produce new things.

What is GPTW, and what is its main mission?

GPTW is a strategic consulting firm focusing on culture management as a company’s main asset. Our mission is to recognize excellent places to work so that they inspire others to have more participative, healthy cultures that generate co-responsibility in their employees. 

It’s funny because many people talk about cultures of transformation and well-being, but the belief is mainly rational, not emotional. In other words, many people understand it, they agree that taking care of employees is critical, but few ambassadors radically change their agenda and get down to it.

Based on what factors and/or metrics do you choose the “Best Workplaces” of the year?

It is primarily based on the degree of employee satisfaction. Our assessment includes two sources of information. Firstly, we collect employees’ opinions (Trust Index questionnaire). Secondly, we analyze the company’s policies and practices. With this information, we obtain a final score, selecting the best among all those that have passed the cut-off mark (70% of the Trust Index).

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As Innovation and Cultural Transformation Director, what three trends do you think will mark 2023 when building a solid corporate culture?

I was analyzing our clients’ strategy during November/December/January, and I identified 7 trends: OKRs, the new mantra of management by objectives; AI, we have to be prepared and avoid future disengagements; employee turnover, which is going to be complicated due to inflation; it is the golden age for engagement, it is essential to have a clear objective: To be a Great Place to Work®.

Focusing on the individual: Wellness & Benefits, constant investment is needed; DE&I, embracing diversity is the way to talent development; and finally, work-life balance, we must go beyond remote work.

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For the first time, ifeel and GPTW will work hand in hand on the Better for People award. What does this award cover, and how does it relate to employee well-being?

We are thrilled to be working with ifeel. These years, we have witnessed that you are a very relevant market observatory since everything is related to employee well-being. Thanks to ifeel and our experience, we are designing the criteria to select the best 3 companies.

What has it meant for you to have ifeel as a leading partner in the emotional well-being of employees and organizations for the second year in a row?

Learning and evolution. We are experts in culture, mainly in its design, initiatives to be implemented, and leadership style. Now, with ifeel, we can rely on you as specialists on how to take a more personal look at the employee.

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