Articles about work motivation

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  • Nueva llamada a la acción

  • Work motivation 

    There are many reasons that drive us and help us move forward, in any aspect of life in general and particularly in our work. Human beings have different tastes and needs, and these are greatly influenced by the our professional career, what we are going through right now or the work objectives we set out to achieve in the future. 


    Salary levels, time, receiving appropriate recognition, having responsibilities or not, having the capacity to learn, performing tasks of a certain interest or prestige, interpersonal relationships, working in a pleasant physical space, benefiting from different flexible compensation measures, having some kind of involvement in important decisions… As you know, there are many aspects of work in which we can intervene to take care of employees’ work motivation. 


    HR managers should therefore be aware of the importance of implementing measures to improve work motivation in their company to their teams’ specific circumstances. To do this, they should know that what increases or decreases people’s work motivation changes from one individual to another, rather than assuming that the work motivation of one sector of staff is based on the same factors in another sector.