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Life as a couple is not always easy and can lead to the appearance of sexual, communication and family problems. Our team of psychologists has created for you a series of articles related to the main sexual and couple problems that will help you improve your relationship.

Communication problems for couples

Communication, a process where a message is sent, received and returned. It seems simple, but it is not, and even less s [...]

Relationships after the pandemic

Relationships are born, develop and die with or without a pandemic. It is clear that the life cycle of a relationship is [...]

Love and dating apps: how to use them wisely

We are all increasingly aware of the fact that using a dating app is one of the principal methods of meeting potential [...]

Being single: a punishment or a blessing?

If you are the type of person that misses having a partner when you’re single but then when you’re in a relationship [...]

6 ways to detect an ambivalent attachment style in your partner

As we have already discussed in other blog posts, the attachment styles that we establish with our partners are intrinsi [...]

The drama triangle: where do you fit in?

There is no doubt about it: human relationships are complex.  However, have you ever thought about them using the form [...]

International Women’s Day: a “new” feminist revolution?

Today, on International Working Women's Day, I would like to begin by sharing the origin of this important day since it [...]

#METOO: I have also suffered from sexual abuse

The denunciation of Harvey Weinstein and his sexual harassment towards several actresses has caused Hollywood to address [...]

Maturing: a journey back from Neverland

In our previous post we visited Netherland, the island of our childhood, and we talked about the process of maturing in [...]

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