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We spend many hours in our work environment and it may be that small conflicts arise, such as work stress, bad relationships with bosses, problems with coworkers. Our team of psychologists has created for you a series of related articles with the main occupational health problems that will help you improve your well-being at work.

Have you heard about the advantages of online therapy?

Starting a therapeutic process - what we commonly know as "going to see a psychologist" - is a very important decision. [...]

My patient asks the impossible of me … What should I do?

Whatever your experience is as a therapist, sooner or later, some patient is going to put you in a difficult situation i [...]

Six habits to keep your mind sharp

It might seem like by doing a lot of things every day, perhaps even more than what we can or should do, the daily whirlw [...]

What is mental health?

People often ask what mental health is. They're interested to know the main disorders or problems that psychologists w [...]

The great tree of psychology: the different branches of health

I’m sure you’ve heard of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis and iconic figure in the field of psychology. T [...]

The three levels of health: biological, psychological and social

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, [...]

A story: “Why therapy changed my life”

I remember the day that I decided to start personal therapy. I already made some attempts in the past, but if I am being [...]

September: the enemy of vacation

You’ve already noticed: September is here and the vacations from July and August are over.  The cities are once again [...]

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