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Having family problems is more common than we think, however there are many times that the help of a psychologist can help us face it. Our team of psychologists has created for you a series of articles related to the main family problems that can help you clear all the doubts you have about depression, its causes, its symptoms, treatments and advice.

Surviving a separation with children

Getting over a separation is never easy but if, in addition, it is a separation with children in between, things start t [...]

Grieving during the crisis

The current health crisis has forced us to reorganize life in a hasty and more or less unexpected way. It is also forcin [...]

I’m an adult and I rely on my parents

Parents giving their children some kind of allowance here and there is usually not a problem for anyone, least of all fo [...]

The 10 characteristics of maturity

Maturity is one of the most sought-after virtues for many people.  Apart from the mere acquisition of experience that i [...]

Attachment in childhood and adult relationships: the importance of cultivating strong bonds

Psychologists are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of establishing a secure attachment style during childho [...]

All Saints: remembering our own way

Tomorrow is the day of All Saints and the 2nd of November is remembered for All the Faithful Dead. For various reasons, [...]

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